Redmond Town Center cupcake store rechristened as PinkaBella

The cupcake business at Redmond Town Center has a new name and the same delectable products. Formerly known as Pinkalicious, the store has been rechristened PinkaBella.

PinkaBella Cupcakes owner Margo Engberg shows off a bounty of beautiful cupcakes at her shop on the upper level of Redmond Town Center. Formerly known as Pinkalicious

The cupcake business at Redmond Town Center has a new name and the same delectable products.

Formerly known as Pinkalicious, the store has been rechristened PinkaBella.

Since the shop opened last Halloween, PinkaBella’s fan base has grown phenomenally. Made with premium ingredients, the picturesque cupcakes come in many fancy flavors, from Red Velvet and Coconut to Salted Caramel.

So why change the name of the business?

Owner Margo Engberg prefers to keep that answer short and sweet — like her delightful cupcakes.

Although she had done her research and trademarked the name Pinkalicious for baked goods and cupcakes, the author of the “Pinkalicious” book series, who holds the trademarks for the books and accessories, decided to sue her.

Engberg knew she could fight it, but didn’t see the point.

“Our attorney believed we’d win,” Engberg noted. “But we have decided that we would rather use our money to continue to support our causes.”

On a global level, PinkaBella helps to feed and clothe children in Africa and the Dominican Republic through an organization called Children of the Nations International ( Customers pitch in, too, with record-breaking donations to a coin jar in the store.

Locally, PinkaBella has been a partial sponsor of the City of Redmond’s Eggstravaganza and has donated thousands of cupcakes to school auctions, Seattle Children’s Hospital, KidsQuest Children’s Museum, Make-A-Wish Foundation and more.

During a recent three-day weekend, PinkaBella shared 10 percent of its proceeds with a local Girl School troop. And leftover cupcakes from the store are routinely dropped off at Redmond Police and Fire stations or nearby elementary schools.

“This whole thing was launched as an avenue of giving back,” Engberg explained.

“And we’ve been so warmly embraced by the Redmond community. Our customers make this the best place to work,” she enthused.

PinkaBella has been so successful at Redmond Town Center that a second location will open at Bellevue Square on June 5.

PinkaBella is set to do 18 weddings this summer, as well as several large Microsoft and AT&T events — and the business has been courted by another well-known organization whose name we can’t yet tell you. But you wouldn’t have to guess what regal colors their signature cupcakes might be.

While Engberg modestly described her loyal customers and employees as the best around — and the main reasons for her success — Kendra Halverson, who has worked for Engberg since the Redmond cupcake shop opened, said that Margo and her husband Doug “really are the best bosses. They bring us coffee, bring us dinner, are very giving and very loving. Margo is like another mom.”

Everyone wishes their own mom would bake cupcakes every day. But if yours doesn’t, there’s always PinkaBella.

For more information about PinkaBella Cupcakes, visit or call (425) 861-0300.

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