A parent’s perspective | Letter

Graduation…the moment every parent looks forward to with pride and also with a little bit of sadness. Yes, this is a new beginning for our child. Some will aspire to going to college, some military, some to a specific trade, some to start a job. Regardless, graduating from high school is the end of what parents know as day-to-day parenting.

My youngest child walked across the stage to take that Remond High School diploma. You’d think I’d be a pro by now but I’m simply not. This one will be the hardest because this high school graduation will end my Redmond Reporter as a school parent. I proudly held this Redmond Reporter for so many years and I’m not sure how I am going to let go.

No more school curriculum nights, parent conferences, school sports, dances, fundraisers, school lunches. I can’t believe I will even miss making his lunch with notes I left inside his bag. Did he even read those notes?

I get a little tired of hearing people say, “But, aren’t you happy for them? Now, you’re an empty nester!” Yes, I am so happy for my graduate. I will just miss the school activities I was involved with most of my young adult life. Empty nest doesn’t even sound like a good thing. Your nest is empty while you want it filled. I guess you could think of it as a “new nest” instead of “empty nest.”

Yes, that does sound better!

Bottom line, it is a time of change for not only the graduate but for the parents as well. In a sense, the parents are graduating right along side their child. It’s also a time of reflection. Parents go through their child’s timeline and cannot imagine how quickly the time went by. So, it is okay to be happy and a little bit sad. It is ok to get out those tissues during the ceremony. Parents earned those tears. You’re going through a new transition and you know in the end, both you and your graduate will be just fine!

Happy graduation to all graduates and all those wonderful parents who got them there!

Peg Jatekar


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