Climate-change column strikes a chord | Letter

The guest column by Rachel Molloy (“Washington back yards bursting with climate change,” Dec. 16) really struck a chord. While most of us have heard about our changing climate, in our area the evidence has been less obvious than in those areas with extreme flooding, tornadoes and drought. Now the evidence is visible in our own neighborhoods.

Until recently I was aware but pretty confident that someone would figure it all out and find a way to keep our world on an even keel. You might call it denial. But in the last year I’ve learned more, and it is terrifying. Check out the work of Dr. James Hansen, Bill McKibben and Dr. Robert Bullard, to name a few. NASA and the Union of Concerned Scientists are ringing the alarm bells.

What is especially scary is how many decision-makers still doubt the scientists. If we trust scientists to find cures for our diseases, if we trust scientists to send people into space, why don’t we trust scientists when they tell us we are dangerously close to the tipping point of irreversible climate chaos?

So let’s take Ms. Molloy’s suggestions to heart. And let’s get our decision-makers to act. Call them. Ask them to support a carbon tax for big polluters, invest in clean energy infrastructure (more jobs!) and transition away from fossil fuels. It won’t be easy, but it is absolutely necessary. We must leave a livable planet for future generations. Let’s do this.

Nancy Shimeall


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