Englund is the best candidate for the 45th district | Letter

The election of Jinyoung Lee Englund is not only important for the 45th Legislative District but for Washington state as a whole. King County is faced with an opioid crisis. While Englund’s opponent has no issue with safe consumption sites in King County and potentially the Eastside, Englund is against these sites coming to the Eastside, which is one reason she should be elected. Englund is focused on solving public health problems, not enabling them. Englund also understands the power of accountability.

Recently, she pointed out the problems with the state’s Sound Transit 3 and Department of Transportation. Englund also wants to repeal unnecessary taxes such as the ST3 car tab tax, which would give us some of our hard-earned money back. That’s not the only reason I support Englund. She understands the need for a Legislature to be fiscally responsible, which includes not having a state income tax. These new taxes that have been imposed upon the citizens of Washington state have consequences outside of our paychecks. Amazon recently decided to locate their second headquarters outside of Seattle because of additional taxes being imposed on citizens and businesses.

I have no doubt Jinyoung Lee Englund is the best candidate for the 45th Legislative District and the citizens of Washington state, due to her desire to limit taxes and exercise fiscal responsibility.

David Mullen


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