Fields will center on what’s best for residents | Letter

City council candidate Steve Fields moved to Redmond for a job 27 years ago. He chose to live here and to raise his three children here. Like many of us, he got involved especially with each of his children’s schooling and activities. Eventually he left the private sector for the public sector, working for over 10 years in local and regional government finance, analysis, performance measurements and strategic planning. This pertinent experience is the reason he is exceptionally qualified to be on the city council. No other council member has this kind of work experience, this kind of insight and understanding. With the decisions ahead of the city, Steve’s government expertise is a significant asset.

Being a candidate for elective office demonstrates Steve’s love of Redmond. He has thoroughly enjoyed doorbelling and hearing from the people of Redmond about their concerns and priorities. He is devoted to doing his best for us. He will be a great addition to the council especially because like no other council member, he connects with the community every day as owner of Downpour Coffee Bar. He listens, he asks questions and he has a way of including people, making them feel like they matter. On council, Steve will encourage robust discussion and deliberation from all members of the council, always centering on what’s in the best interest of the residents.

This upcoming election is more important than ever because Redmond City Council decisions affect our lives every day. My hope for Redmond’s future, our future, depends on new leaders like Steve Fields, who will put the residents first, being elected. Please join me in voting for Steve Fields. Your vote counts!

Rosemarie Ives

Redmond mayor, 1992-2007

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