Isn’t it time to hold city officials accountable? | Letter

This letter is my response to the many campaign and “state of the city” comments and promises made by our local politicians and “wanna-bees” in regard to development, traffic congestion and rapid changes to the City of Redmond.

I realize that change is inevitable and contributes to the prosperity of this region, but it is disturbing to those of us who moved here because of the natural ravines and green belts, open areas, wildlife and enjoyable differences to urban living in other nearby cities.

These civic officials and candidates make their statements regarding keeping the character of our neighborhoods, the importance of the environment, the effect development has on our wildlife and then approve development plans that are contrary to the very things they have said are of utmost importance to our city. A case in point is the way they play games with our zoning laws that allow development completely different than any rational mind could conceive.

Isn’t it time to hold these officials accountable and insist that their actions match their rhetoric?

Janell Bader


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