Koeppen a clear choice for Redmond | Letter

Andrew Koeppen is the clear choice for mayor of Redmond.

As an immigrant, U.S. veteran and professional who worked for startups and major high-tech companies in Redmond for many years, I am endorsing Andrew Koeppen as Redmond’s next mayor.

I have to support the candidate who has a vision for the future and who I believe will do the best job. It is significant, and in every citizen’s interest, that Andrew Koeppen not only brings us a vision of progress but also understands the nuts and bolts of the infrastructure needed to make things happen. I believe Andrew will help Redmond continue its strong and positive economic growth and social development, while keeping Redmond safe. Redmond needs a mayor who is an experienced business leader and one who is dedicated to helping the community.

Andrew Koeppen is not affiliated with any political party, special interest group, bureaucrats, fundraisers or lobbyists. Therefore he doesn’t owe special favors to no one.

Other mayoral candidates talk only about great past of Redmond and its brilliant future under their leadership. However, they don’t talk about issues facing Redmond, unlike Andrew who pinpoints current problems. Andrew immediately responds and works without any fanfare to find a solution to the problem. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in all his undertakings.

Andrew Koeppen has always been a man of his word and is well respected by people across the city. In contrast with other candidates, Andrew Koeppen will never support wasteful projects like downtown two-way traffic conversion project costing over $20 million and the two-acre park in Downtown Redmond (aka Concrete Park) with a total cost over $42 million. Andrew is also against untamed construction of new apartments without an adequate number of parking spaces.

Redmond has grown in many respects in our recent past. One of the foundations for Andrew’s campaign is to focus on children and education, safety, cultural diversity and smart city.

Here are the key points:

Fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Support small local businesses.

Smart cities and IoT (The Internet of Things).

Children education, and cultural diversity.

Wise land use development.

Traffic congestion, public transposition, public charging stations for electric cars.

Eastside-based Smart Cities and IoT (The Internet of Things) expert recently stated: “I met Andrew recently and am impressed with his planning and vision for making Redmond a smart city, a smart city that can save taxpayers money while making Redmond a safer city. Smart cities initiatives from smart traffic management technologies to smart street lighting and water main leak detection can become a reality. Andrew wants Redmond to be a leader in smart city technologies. Please support his efforts and vote for him.”

Andrew Koeppen has the goal to bring a branch of university or college to Redmond. As universities contribute more and more to the local economy through research, reputation and building, they’re seen not only as educational and cultural institutions but economic development tools. Universities can play a major role in helping cities provide jobs and education that attract people and businesses from all over the world.

His selfless commitment to growing the city and to bringing groups together is a testament to his leadership abilities. Andrew is exactly what Redmond needs in its top leadership position.

Robert Uszynski


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