I am originally from New Mexico but currently live in southern California.

Redmond: A friendly, courteous community

I am originally from New Mexico but currently live in southern California.

I am a Federal Firefighter and have been through Redmond/North Bend on fire assignments during the past 15 years and I have lived at many duty stations throughout the U.S.

I was there for some training and had a chance to get out and visit both Redmond and North Bend a little more than I had been able to, in the past.

I must say that in all my travels, I have not met a more genuinely courteous, friendly community than I had a chance to meet in the Redmond /North Bend area.

Every place that I went to eat, shop, exercise, and just visit, treated me with the utmost respect and willingness to help that is not found in this day and age anymore.

Whatever is being taught to the kids and young adults in the way of values, keep doing it! It shows in the short week that I spent there in EVERYONE. I normally don’t write to newspapers but thought this is worth writing about.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to go back soon. Thank you.

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