Sammamish River Trail deserves attention | Letter

I have to add my agreement to the letter last month from Brent Schmaltz concerning the Sammamish River Trail. This is a lovely trail that deserves attention from the city of Redmond beyond what it receives. I think it is so much more important than the Redmond Central Connector (and, indeed, at least AS important as the new Downtown Park.) This trail SO needs to have a second blacktop path added so that wheels and feet can be separated, as they are at Green Lake in Seattle.

I love to walk this trail, but I honestly do not walk on the paved path, especially if I have my small dogs. We walk beside the path, in the grass. It simply is not safe to walk the path. And that is ridiculous. We have this gem of a trail…and the lovely little garden area and other grassy fields along the trail…but it is not a safe trail. A young friend of mine had her leg broken by a bike hitting her, while she was walking her bike on the trail. It’s sad.

It’s been pointed out that this is a county trail (and part of what makes it so wonderful is how it connects with the trail along Lake Sammamish and goes north to the Burke Gilman), but surely the city of Redmond could take some kind of action regarding the long stretch through our town and perhaps prevail upon the county to make the whole thing pedestrian friendly. But I won’t hold my breath!

Jeanne Brown,


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