Something fishy going on with PSE | Letter

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Who is regulating Puget Sound Energy? The claims regarding Energize Eastside simply not true.

1. PSE says that due to area growth, our electricity grid is “running out of capacity,” yet the facts show despite an eight-fold increase in population (2011-15) the total energy demand for the area — commercial and residential combined — has actually decreased 4 percent over the same time period. We are using energy wiser and wiser.

2. PSE claims it follows the “highest safety standards.” The current voltage power lines over the Olympic Pipeline is already a significant volatility risk.

To increase to the high voltage that PSE is proposing is a massive risk, not to mention the incredible risk to have construction near the pipeline. Check out the recent pipeline explosion in Alabama where simple repairs were in process. The powerline/pipeline combination currently runs through many Eastside neighborhoods adjacent to several schools.

3. The proposed power grid will significantly impact our neighborhood — both aesthetically (when we will no longer see tree tops, but rather power grid on the skyline) and economically by decreasing all of our property values. And for what? According to PSE, the “upgrade” to the power structure will not decrease power outages or improve our power reliability at all.

4. PSE is already “working with individual property owners to discuss pole placements” and yet the project has not even been approved yet. Furthermore, why are they not holding public meetings to discuss this? Are they afraid of what will happen when we all become aware of what is really going on? Something fishy is going on and I’d like to know what regulatory agency is holding PSE accountable for their claims and their actions.

Jeanne Warme


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