‘The pothole club’ | Letter

I have a new nickname for our mayor and the council — “the pothole club.”

Honestly, I have lived in Redmond for 40 years and I have never seen our roads in such poor condition. Many of our streets have had major changes, such as 166th, and now the utility inspection and cleanouts are in the drive right of way and subject to water suction and frost heaving — creating pot holes. All the new contractor cut-ins for utility service are not being properly patched and allow for substrate failure, which we all pay for in car repairs and taxes.

Perhaps the mayor and council should have a look at our deteriorating road conditions around town before our next budget is to be considered.

Oh, by the way, I retired last year from my job as a maintenance director. We had a motto within maintenance, “Pay me now or pay me more later.”

Frank McMurry