‘This is a very dark day for Washington’ | Letter

Rep. Larry Springer,

Spinning the Legislature’s action today as “a major expansion of the Public Records Act” is pure BS.

The fact is that the Legislature withdrew itself from the transparency required by the Public Records Act and created three very limited categories of records that can be made public: calendars, correspondence with lobbyists, and final dispositions by administrative committees.

Oh yes, if lawmakers chose to make other records available, they may do so.

Who do you think the citizens are? Do you really think we are so blind and dumb as to not see that legislative transparency, the very thing that shines the disinfecting light of public knowledge on legislative action, is being removed?

This is a very dark day for Washington. I am ashamed of you and all the others who voted to remove the Legislature from the purview of the Public Records Act. Legislators wonder why they are held in such low esteem. It is precisely because legislators scurry like cockroaches to hide corruption when light is shined on their actions. Transparency is what is called for. Transparency is what the electorate requires and demands.

Do you really despise us, the voters, so much that you think you can pull this off?

Just wait and see.

David Pursel


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