We need Manka Dhingra | Letter

Manka Dhingra has more than 20 years knowledge, experience and community leadership in the 45th Legislative District. As a senior deputy prosecutor, she understands the revolving door of mental illness, homelessness and jail. She has proposals to improve public safety and reduce taxpayer costs.

Manka will advocate for veterans in need, especially those battling PTSD. As an award-winning PTSA leader and Girl Scout cookie mom, Manka is committed to ensure great public schools and a funding system that is fair throughout the state.

Like us, Manka’s family faces affordability issues and higher property taxes. Thanks to the Republican leadership in our state senate, it took several special sessions to pass the state general budget. The Capital Projects Budget is still being held hostage. Their obstructionist tactics have hurt hundreds of projects, including $1 billion that K-12 schools were counting on to modernize facilities and alleviate overcrowding. The OFM estimates this budget impasse has prevented the creation of about 8,000 jobs. The lack of state funding harms our ability to build new schools, update water treatment systems, expand capacity at health clinics, preserve historic places, reduce pollution, improve state parks, build the Willows Road Regional Trail Connection, protect against flooding and wildfires, modernize mental health facilities, fund youth recreational facilities, provide energy efficiency grants and support community programs.

We need to have a Democratic majority in the state Legislature for responsible governance. The 45th District needs a Democratic state senator who will champion our issues on the Eastside. We need Manka Dhingra.

Donna Lurie


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