‘We owe it to our fellow humans to provide relief of any kind’ | Letter

I am Jacqueline Hyde, producer of a Night of Burlesque on Oct. 6 at the Kirkland Performance Center in Kirkland.

As you may know, burlesque hasn’t always been glitz and glamour but an intrinsic part of society. A part of society because often content presented was a commentary on society, politics and economics by way of humor. While burlesque has evolved, changed and grown, we can still make a deep impact in this avenue of deeply rooted comedic performance art.

Yet what is not funny, is the horrific and life threatening conditions for millions of citizens of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands and Texas that have been torn apart by multiple hurricanes and in many cases have endured near if not total loss of their homelands.

Basic conditions that we take for granted such as water, food, electricity have been stripped away by not one but multiple major hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria. Funding for such a relief effort will be ongoing as a country united, yet, our political state is doing little to support the relief efforts because of red tape and bureaucracy.

As a producer of burlesque, it is my responsibility to ensure that I support and prepare for funding a production, and where possible to give back to the community at a local or global level. In preparation for a Night of Burlesque, I have ensured that all monies to pay for it has been squirreled away.

Therefore, I have made the executive decision, that any profits made from this production of a Night of Burlesque will be donated in FULL to the Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria Relief Fund, which distributes to the American Red Cross, Global Giving Foundation, Medical Corp and Save the Children Federation.

We have the opportunity to fill a nearly 400-seat state-of-the-art venue with all profits going to the Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria Relief Fund. Further, my daytime employer, is matching 100 percent of all donations we as employees make.

This means that we have the opportunity to earn approximately $10,000 from this show only to be matched 100 percent. That is $20,000 that we could contribute as a community to support these relief efforts.

If you are not able to come to the show on Oct. 6, please make donations no matter how big or how small to charities of your choice. We owe it to our fellow humans to provide relief of any kind.

Buy your tickets today, or donate where can.

Thank you.

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