Redmond firefighters deploy to Georgia to help with search-and-rescue efforts during Hurricane Irma

  • Wed Sep 13th, 2017 2:59pm
  • News

The Redmond Fire Department (RFD) deployed three members of the local FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, Washington Task Force 1 (USAR WA-TF1) to stage in Georgia last Friday. Their deployment was in preparation and support of search-and-rescue efforts during Hurricane Irma, according to a City of Redmond press release.

Captain Don Sanderson, firefighter/paramedic Lafond Davis and firefighter/paramedic Skip Boylan joined other first responders in the region to form an 80-person team known as a “type 1” Search and Rescue response team. The USAR WA-TF1 team, last deployed during the Oso landslide near Darrington, included eight members from the RFD.

The task force was established in 1991 and currently consists of members from 21 agencies from three primary jurisdictions: Seattle Fire, King County and Pierce County. The team comprises more than 210 team members, drawn from a variety of organizations, including fire departments, hospitals, law enforcement and public works agencies in the City of Seattle, King County and Pierce County. Canine teams accompany WA-TF1 members on all deployments.