Redmond Town Center kicks off ‘Great Denim Days’ and ‘Real Life Story: Five Women’s Quest for the Perfect Jeans’

Look for a denim clothesline across Center Street Plaza when Redmond Town Center (RTC) launches a "Great Denim Days" promotion on Monday, July 26. Running through the end of August, the promotion includes an "Enter to Win $10,000" contest as well as savings guides and coupons pointing shoppers to deals on jeans and other back-to-school apparel.

Danielle Alcantara

Look for a denim clothesline across Center Street Plaza when Redmond Town Center (RTC) launches a “Great Denim Days” promotion on Monday, July 26. Running through the end of August, the promotion includes an “Enter to Win $10,000” contest as well as savings guides and coupons pointing shoppers to deals on jeans and other back-to-school apparel.

Pick up savings guides and coupons at RTC’s Guest Services department, located on the ground level near the corner of Northeast 74th Street and 164th Avenue Northeast.

RTC has also kicked off a “Real Life Story: Five Women’s Quest to Find the Perfect Jeans” campaign.

Five fearless females from RTC’s Guest Services team, of different ages, body types and personal style preferences, are taking part. Accompanied by Christina Henning, senior marketing manager at RTC, they’ll try on a wide range of jeans available at the center. RTC will buy each of the ladies their perfect pair of jeans and a classic white shirt to top it off. Photos and first-hand accounts will be posted on Facebook and and you’ll see cardboard cut-outs of the “models” throughout RTC.


Jeans are a quintessential element of nearly every woman’s wardrobe. Most crave versatility, as well as a great fit. They want comfort but also the ability to dress up their jeans with a flirty top and shoes.

So finding the perfect pair can be a challenge, whether you’re petite, plus-sized, flashy or conservative, a college student or a grandmother. Once you find a brand or style that works for you, you tend to stick with it.

Thus, the “quest for the perfect jeans” is a chance to have a little fun and explore the bonanza of denim at RTC, said Henning.

So far, Margaret Benecke, a “50-something” female who usually wears jeans in size 10 or 12, told Henning, “I don’t think I can go to Gap. They won’t have stuff to fit me.”

Henning urged her to give Gap a shot. Benecke tried on a pair of Gap “1969 Long and Lean” jeans and exclaimed, “I’m amazed! They fit great — and they’re so cute. It’s almost like wearing pajamas.”

Benecke is also less than five feet tall, Henning added. Finding flattering jeans can be tough for women who are shorter or taller than average. According to Henning, “the good news is that a lot of stores are now carrying short, regular, tall or what Gap calls ‘ankle’ lengths.”

Benecke was also impressed by DKNY and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans at Macy’s.

“She usually shops at Eddie Bauer, so it was like, ‘Let’s get out of your comfort zone,'” said Henning.

We tagged along as Henning shopped for jeans with another of the Guest Services gals, 24-year-old Danielle Alcantara.

Alcantara wears a size 2 petite and fell in love with a pair of Night Wash Skinny jeans by LTB ($89) and a $22 white v-neck shirt by Color Thread, which she found at Vivid Collection/Ciel.

Another of the perfect jeans hunters, 40-year-old Holly Clausen, recently went from size 18-20 down to size 6. “So she is rediscovering her body type, trying on different types of jeans that she wouldn’t have considered before,” said Henning.

Lindsey Snowhill, 29, wears size 18-20 and is looking for jeans that are loose-fitting and casual. Linda Culver, 60, said her perfect jeans would be classic and conservative.

“We really wanted to show the whole gamut,” said Henning.


Ready to embark on your own search for the perfect jeans? Henning shared some tips from Gap.

• Because of the way the fabric is cut, even within the same style and size of jeans, there can be a teensy bit of difference in how they fit. Grab a few pairs of the same size and style, just in case there’s a slight variance.

• Dark jeans will shrink more than lighter jeans because they haven’t been through the extensive laundering process that imparts the faded look.

• The average shrinkage length is one-fourth to one-half of an inch. Wash in cold water and air-dry your jeans if you don’t want them to shrink.

• To preserve the color of dark denim, wash these jeans inside-out.

• Gap now has jeans containing two percent Lycra, that stretch up to half a size, “especially in the tush,” said Henning. If you want them to fit snugly, “do some squats while trying them on” to make sure they don’t sag in the seat.

• “Gaping” in the back of the waistband can also be a problem. A wider waistband prevents that, according to the fit experts at Gap.

• “Jeggings” (denim leggings) are extremely popular now, said Henning. “They give you the look and durability of denim with the comfort of leggings and are available at Chico’s and Gap,” she noted.

• At Gap and many other shops, “rises” (where the waistband sits) include low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise. Younger and leaner shoppers tend to like low-to-mid-rise while older customers or those with a less slender waistline fare better with mid-to-high rise to avoid another fashion faux pas, “the muffin top.”


Air Beauty Bar, which specializes in airbrushed makeup and tanning, recently opened on the upper level of Center Street Plaza at Redmond Town Center.

Red Mango, a shop selling frozen yogurt and healthy toppings, is under construction in Center Street Plaza and anticipates a fall opening.

Subway will also begin construction soon, on Northeast 166th Avenue, across the street from Macy’s.

For information about Redmond Town Center, visit or call (425) 867-0808.

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