Standing tall behind our reporting and writing | Editorial

  • Thursday, December 14, 2017 12:46pm
  • Opinion

This is not an easy job.

We don’t wave a magic wand and have everything appear in print and on the web. And even if we did have that luxury, not everyone would be 100 percent pleased with what we produce. In our favor, though, there are tons of readers who do appreciate the passion, hard work and thought that we put into our craft. And we are thrilled with your positive feedback.

Sometimes, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. It’s life. We all deal with it.

It’s the nature of what goes down in our chosen profession of journalism — and it can apply to any profession. We’ll be challenged along the way, specifically about stories we wrote about safe-injection sites and neighbors’ concerns with a proposed Emerald Heights expansion plan. Over the last few months, local politicians have questioned some of our news coverage.

We stand behind everything we put in print and on the web.

Sometimes, the stories we write are about issues that concern residents and might not be the ideal thing to read for some people. But the stories need to be told. We will always get both sides of the story and interpret the issue to the fullest. Our goal is to be fair and balanced.

If need be, we’ll make a correction or have a discussion with others to come to a mutual understanding about whatever issue is on our minds. We won’t always see eye to eye, but we can put our side of the story out there, give it a shot. We should always be able to earn each other’s respect and know that we’re all trying our best to succeed.

We thank you for reading and coming along on the ride with us.

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