Working together is integral to Redmond’s continued success | Guest editorial

Redmond Mayor John Marchione outlines city’s 2019-20 biennial budget and six-year financial plan.

  • Friday, December 14, 2018 8:30am
  • Opinion
John Marchione, mayor or Redmond. Photo courtesy of city of Redmond

John Marchione, mayor or Redmond. Photo courtesy of city of Redmond

On Dec. 4, the Redmond City Council approved the 2019-20 biennial budget and six-year financial plan with a 6-1 vote. City staff and Redmond residents helped create a two-year budget and a six-year capital investment plan that align our resources to meet the community’s priorities.

We continued to utilize the six budget priorities identified by the community in 2008 and re-confirmed with residents through annual surveys.

Clean and Green — Advance our environmental stewardship

Diverse & Connected Community — Enhance our outreach and community inclusion programs through translation services and arts and events

Infrastructure — Preserve what we have to help prepare us for the future

Responsible Government — Improve customer service and preserve our AAA financial rating

Safety — Maintain our safe community and enhance community character

Vibrant Economy — Support Redmond’s robust local economy, businesses, and job growth

The newly adopted budget will reallocate resources to address issues identified by the community, including initiatives to improve our natural environment and to strengthen human services, affordable housing and transportation efforts. In addition, the budget will enable the city to provide residents with more efficient services by updating and enhancing our systems and technology.

The city’s environmental priorities include developing an environmental strategic plan, managing our urban forest, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting zero waste initiatives. An environmental sustainability administrator will advance our new and current environmental programs.

Affordable housing continues to be a challenge throughout the Puget Sound region. Redmond’s budget contains an annual capital investment of $500,000 to increase affordable housing for Redmond residents. The council bolstered our human services fund by an additional $100,000 to support our residents in need of food, shelter and health services.

Redmond continues to invest in its existing infrastructure to improve and maintain what we own. Transportation investments will provide for rebuilding sidewalks and maintaining our streets, trails and bicycle lanes. The 50-year-old Hartman Pool will receive $8 million to upgrade mechanical equipment, improve safety and remodel the locker rooms, showers and other user spaces.

As our city continues to grow, we need to continue to provide various transportation options. New initiatives include evaluating and designing additional north-south transportation improvements and integrating light rail into Overlake, Marymoor Village and downtown.

As part of a technologically innovative community, the city will implement new systems for workforce management, public records retention and land use mapping. The city will also update its website to improve access to and availability of information.

This is my sixth budget as the mayor of the city of Redmond and I am proud of what we have accomplished together over the past decade. I would like to thank the community for providing input on the budget through the Civic Results Team, public hearings, emails, phone and online surveys, as well as attending our neighborhood meetings. I remain committed to delivering high-value services to the community now and in the future. We have accomplished this by working together, which is integral to our city’s continued success.

John Marchione is the mayor of Redmond.

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