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John Carlson | Slade Gorton back in the game

When the media went looking for an authority on national security after the attempted airline bombing on Christmas Day, they called a U.S. Senator from… Continue reading


John Carlson | How safe are we, really?

When Barack Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to receive more than 50 percent of the popular vote in 32 years, much of the… Continue reading


John Carlson | 2009 reflections, 2010 predictions

At about this time last year I wrote that “Predictions can be perilous,” and went on to make four of them, anyway, about what I… Continue reading


John Carlson | Why such hideous, mindless acts of random murder?

It’s not unusual to walk into a Starbucks and see several cops sitting at tables chatting while on break or getting ready to go on… Continue reading

John Carlson | The ‘Blind Side’ of love

A friend told me the other day that he enjoyed Thanksgiving even more than Christmas.“There’s less emphasis on shopping and gifts and more on just… Continue reading

John Carlson | Boeing’s groggy future in the Puget Sound

Before we address the question of “Who lost Boeing?” (the governor’s claim that “no one is to blame” is silly), let’s focus on a hint… Continue reading

John Carlson | Fresh face, ideas needed to lead county

When Jennifer Dunn first ran for public office, many people scoffed.Yes, she was attractive, even a bit glamorous. Yes, she was articulate. But her previous… Continue reading

John Carlson | Why you should vote yes on I-1033

Strange, how recent history sometimes repeats itself.In 1992, Democrats swept to power in both Olympia and Washington, D.C.A popular young liberal president with commanding majorities… Continue reading

John Carlson | Borlaug is unknown, but great

Sometimes you can step into controversy while trying to avoid it.This happened a couple weeks ago when the Bellevue School District opted not to carry… Continue reading

John Carlson | What sports can teach us about politics

Last year was the single worst season in Seattle sports history.The University of Washington (UW) football team, a dynasty under Don James in the early… Continue reading

John Carlson | A health plan that actually makes sense

One of the great things about call-in radio is that you get to hear ordinary people connect reality to public policy.Take health care. Last week,… Continue reading

John Carlson | Conversation in the community

Columnists love feedback. It means their work is likely encouraging conversation in the community.A few times a year, starting today, I’m going to share some… Continue reading

John Carlson | A tough lesson in race and hypersensitivity

It’s being called a “teaching moment.”But the lesson being learned is not what people thought it would be when it was first reported that Harvard’s… Continue reading

John Carlson | The real choices ahead for King County

Underfunded or poorly run?Two wildly different pictures about King County government are being painted by the current King County Executive and one of the contenders… Continue reading

Stung by our technology | John Carlson

Yes, we live better lives — in some cases much better lives — because of technology. But when does a wired world become a little too wired? Several studies this decade report that boys between 12-17 watch nearly three and a half hours of television a day. Add to that all the time they spend in front of a computer, or fiddling with their iPod, cell phone or playing with their Xbox and Gameboy, and an unsettling reality sets in: boys (and girls are not far behind) spend most of their free time today looking at a screen.

John Carlson | Why burglaries are on the rise in King County

Here’s some happy news: Most felonies are going down in King County.The one glaring exception: Burglary, where the increase, while small, defies this downward trend.Why… Continue reading

John Carlson | Who’s to blame when kids fail

Bradwell Elementary School in Chicago has announced that 44 of its 77 students will not pass 8th grade this year, sparking an interesting debate: Who’s… Continue reading

Carlson: New executive has a chance to change, fix King County

A chance to change King CountyWhen it comes to politics, do voters around here still want change?We’ll know later this summer, specifically Aug. 18. That’s… Continue reading

Gun-toting juveniles need to face stiffer consequences

When do you know that a crime is serious? When it is seriously punished. A convict doing life without parole obviously did something more serious than someone doing 90 days in county lockup.