Trump EDC Knife Review – Free President Donald Trump 2024 Knife to Make America Great Again

The Trump Knife represents a fusion of sophistication and utility. It presents itself as a sleek and stylish tool with a rapid-deploy mechanism. This knife, deployed effortlessly with a swift click or flick, unveils a meticulously crafted 3.5-inch blade forged from high-grade 1065 surgical stainless steel. The result is a blade that stands out for its exceptional sharpness and durability, catering to various cutting needs.

Beyond its functionality, the Trump Knife is a symbolic token of support for President Trump’s unwavering commitment to placing America at the forefront. Adorned with the laser-etched rendition of President Trump’s iconic slogan, this knife embodies a sense of patriotism and allegiance to the ideals championed by the former President.

Adding to its distinctive features is the ergonomically designed handle, drawing inspiration from the American flag. This design offers a comfortable grip and pays homage to the nation’s heritage, integrating symbolism into its structure.

The knife’s practicality extends further with its concealed design, allowing the blade to be conveniently folded away when unused. This foldable feature ensures safety and discretion in handling the knife, providing users with a sense of security in storage and transportation.

With an overall length of 8 inches, the Trump Knife strikes an optimal balance between compactness and functionality. Its versatile nature and razor-sharp blade make it a potential companion for various tasks, from everyday cutting needs to more specialized situations.

Features of Trump EDC Knife

The Trump EDC (Everyday Carry) Knife is a fusion of elegance, utility, and a deep sense of national loyalty. This knife harmoniously blends style, practicality, and a touch of patriotism, rendering it an essential addition to your repertoire. The following are some features that may make the Trump EDC Knife worth the purchase:

Razor-Sharp Straight Edge

Crafted with a 3.5″ inch dagger blade made from 1045 grade steel, this knife boasts an exceedingly sharp straight edge capable of effortlessly slicing through the toughest materials with a single stroke.

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Military-Grade Stainless Steel Construction

The blade and body are forged from military-grade stainless steel and exhibit exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and a lightweight design. This choice of material ensures long-lasting functionality while maintaining a lightweight profile for ease of use.

Swift Spring-Assisted Deployment

Equipped with a rapid deploy spring mechanism, the blade swiftly springs into action with a simple click or flip, offering quick accessibility while securely storing when closed. This feature provides users with a discreet yet rapid deployment option for any situation.

Patriotic Trump-Inspired Handle Design

The knife’s handle showcases an ergonomic and anti-slip design adorned with the etched “Make America Great Again” slogan atop the American Flag. A true collector’s item, this handle design embodies patriotic pride with its tasteful integration of the American flag and Trump slogan.

Who is the Trump EDC Knife for

According to the manufacturer, these are some of the situations wherein the personnel for whom the Trump EDC Knives may be useful:

Military Personnel

The Trump Knife is a reliable companion for military personnel engaged in various missions. Its robust design and functionality provide a tool that assists in maintaining readiness and fulfilling diverse operational requirements. Whether utilized for cutting, crafting, or emergencies, this knife potentially serves as a versatile asset, contributing to the preparedness of those in service.

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Tactical Enthusiasts

The Trump Knife emerges as an exceptional everyday tool for enthusiasts passionate about tactical gear. Its durable construction and practical features make it a reliable choice for daily tasks, ensuring a sense of preparedness and functionality in various situations. Whether for routine activities or unexpected challenges, this knife could be a dependable companion for individuals passionate about tactical equipment.

First Responders

In high-stakes situations where time is critical, first responders rely on tools that guarantee performance and aid in swift action. The Trump Knife’s reliability and multifunctionality potentially make it an invaluable asset on the frontline. Equipped to assist in emergencies, this knife may offer the support necessary for effective and rapid response efforts, contributing to the safety and well-being of those in critical roles.

Hiking and Camping Enthusiasts

Outdoor adventurers often seek tools that balance protection and usefulness during their explorations. The Trump Knife’s dual nature potentially caters to these needs, providing a versatile tool that offers safety and practicality in various outdoor scenarios. Whether for cutting branches, preparing food, or handling unexpected situations, this knife could potentially enhance the camping and hiking experience by ensuring a reliable and adaptable tool at hand.

Law Enforcement Professionals

In law enforcement, the significance of safety and reliability in tools cannot be overstated. The Trump Knife may fulfill these critical requirements by offering a tool that ensures dependability and effectiveness in various law enforcement scenarios. Whether employed for tactical purposes, emergencies, or day-to-day tasks, this knife could be a trusted asset for professionals who maintain public safety and order.

Pricing and Money-back Guarantee

The Trump EDC Knife is available for free on the official website. However, anyone wanting it must pay a small shipping fee based on the selected package deals. These deals include:

  • One Free Trump Knife for $9.95
  • Two Free Trump Knives at $8.98 each
  • Three Free Trump Knives at $7.99 each

All orders are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 30 days from the day of purchase. Send them an email at:

  • support@gunnergear.com


The Trump Knife embodies a seamless marriage between elegance and functionality, showcasing a seamless blend of style and practicality. Its swift and effortless deployment mechanism, combined with a meticulously crafted 3.5-inch blade from top-tier 1065 surgical stainless steel, underscores its exceptional sharpness and enduring strength. The Trump knife stands ready to meet diverse cutting requirements with finesse and accuracy, offering a versatile tool that harmonizes sophistication with practicality.

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