Cin7 brings its integrated, cloud-based inventory management to Redmond

Cin7, a leading innovator in integrated, cloud-based inventory management, has selected Redmond as the headquarters for its aggressive entry into the United States market. The commitment by the New Zealand-based firm adds another industry leader to the Seattle technology sector along with new jobs for the area.

Cin7 has experienced rapid growth globally and strong acceptance in the United States for a disruptive solution to meeting the requirements of mid-tier, omnichannel suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. According to Cin7, any of these users had been relying on spreadsheets, a hodge-podge of software or an entry-level system they have simply outgrown. Alternatively, a full-blown ERP system would be overkill for these companies with unnecessary cost and complexity.

“We are very excited to see such a positive response in the U.S. for the benefits were providing with the worlds most integrated inventory management system,” said Danny Ing, Cin7 founder and chief technology officer. “And were pleased to be part of the vibrant Seattle tech community that offers the resources we need to spearhead our growth.”

The Cin7 platform is highly robust, yet very user-friendly with a clear and attractive user interface that seamlessly integrates inventory management and related functions such as EDI, 3PL, POS and ecommerce. According to Cin7, it eliminates the time, hassle and cost involved in utilizing third-party sources, middleware, costly value-added networks and web forms. Additional features include promotions, B2B/wholesale, real-time/mobile stock tracking, multiple fulfillment points, smart reordering, production job management, support for light manufacturing, data mining and smart reporting.

In addition, Cin7 has established fully automated integrations with major retailers including Nordstrom, Wayfair and Costco. The company has also announced native integration with all four Amazon selling platforms.

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