Pizza Olympics coming to Frankie’s on Saturday

Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta, 16630 Redmond Way, will conduct its first-ever Pizza Olympics from 1:30-4 p.m Saturday, Aug. 1.

Staff events will include:

• A free-style acrobatic event — Ninety seconds of free-style dough-throwing set to music.

• Largest dough stretch event — Two minutes per competitor to see who can stretch a large dough to the greatest diameter.

• Highest dough stretch event — Three attempts to see who can toss a “spinning” pizza dough the highest.

Customer events will include:

• A pizza-eating contest to see who can eat an eight-inch pizza the fastest.

• Blindfolded tasting — Eat a pizza while blindfolded and see who can most accurately identify the toppings.

• Kids’ (10 and under) dough-building art — See who can make the most beautiful and creative works of art using Frankie’s Pizza dough. There will be two age categories, 6 and under and 7-10.

• Prizes — Frankie’s gift certificates and t-shirts will be awarded to first and second place winners in all customer events.

For more information, call (425) 883-8407 or visit