Redmond’s Moonie Icy Tunes receives county small business award

The business makes a point to hire 5-10 college students every spring.

Moonie Icy Tunes, a Redmond-based business received the 2019 King County Workforce Development Small Business of the Year award.

Moonie is owned by Sharon Crosetto and the business is centered on making novelty ice cream. Crosetto started the company in 2008 at her home during the recession. The business name was inspired by Crosetto’s youngest daughter, who was nicknamed “Moonie.”

Crosetto saw the ice cream truck not only as an entrepreneur opportunity, but also a way to help her daughter get back on her feet after she lost her job. Crosetto bought an old postal jeep and outfitted it with freezers and ice cream, solidifying what would later become the Moonie Icy Tunes that people know today.

Moonie Icy Tunes also makes a point to hire 5-10 college students every spring to help them earn money for things like college tuition and other expenses.