Who were Redmond’s top 20 employers in 2019?

Many companies reported fewer full-time equivalent positions in 2019 than the previous year.

Redmond’s top 20 employers largely remained in the same order between 2018 and 2019, with fluctuations in employment for many of the larger companies.

The city of Redmond provides a list of the top 20 employers each year, pulling from the annual business license application submitted by each business to the city. Both the 2018 and 2019 list were provided by city officials. The 2018 version can be viewed online at https://www.redmond.gov/943/Largest-Employers.

The 2019 list contains government entities, such as the city itself and the UPS Inc., major tech companies like Microsoft, Nintendo and Facebook and a number of other businesses like Fred Meyer, Infosys, Puget Sound Energy, Honeywell and Terex.

Microsoft, Terex, the Lake Washington School District, Eurest Dining and Honeywell were the top five employers.

Honeywell rose from seventh to fifth after adding 56 jobs in Redmond.

Microsoft’s reported full-time equivalent count dropped from 38,657 to 38,026. The company declined to comment on the change.

Nearly all employers who were on both the 2018 and 2019 list reported fewer employees, with varying fluctuations, which is normal for businesses. However, some companies saw large increases or decreases in its Redmond employees. Facebook, who has been expanding in Redmond with its company Oculus, reported 575 jobs in Redmond and still has nearly 250 openings in Redmond according to its website.

AT&T, however, cut more than half its employment size in Redmond, according to the city. The telecommunications company reported 941 employers in 2018, but that number dropped to 428 in 2019. When asked for comment, a spokesperson with the company initially questioned those numbers, but did not return requests for clarification, and the company did not provide its own numbers to The Reporter.

Who were Redmond’s top 20 employers in 2019?