Birney for an inclusive, collaborative city | Letter

Angela Birney is the candidate for mayor with the broadest sense of how Redmond can develop as a livable, community-oriented and inclusive city.

All Redmond citizens are important to Angela, who would include everyone in the development of new ideas, new directions for the city and in developing new means where we all can collaborate to enhance the Redmond we know today.

Angela, as current city council president, has the endorsements of current and previous mayors and council members, other elected officials in the area and a host of business and regional organizations. Her leadership abilities are unquestioned and her commitment to Redmond, as a 20-year resident, is forward thinking while practical. And her background in science provides critical insight into the growing tech sector in the area.

Yes, as indicated in the letter to the editor printed on July 12, Angela is ready on day one for the job of mayor of Redmond.

Thomas Stoebe