Birney walks the talk | Letter

Angela Birney is the best choice for Redmond mayor.

I spent 11 years on the Redmond City Council, some of it serving with Angela, and her sharp intelligence and her willingness to listen and learn and collaborate are qualities that will serve her well as Redmond’s next mayor.

One of the key differences in this race is that Angela comes at a problem with a menu of possible solutions and is open to others. She is forward looking, rather than focusing on undoing the past. Her opponent voices opposition to many things in Redmond but fails to have that list of possible solutions in his pocket. A good leader does more than object to the status quo.

Growth in Redmond is inevitable. There is no “shut the door behind me” option. Redmond’s leaders, including former Mayor Rosemarie Ives, approved plans long ago for focused, managed growth in the downtown and Overlake areas to help expand the choice of housing types, from single-family neighborhoods to walkable neighborhoods with multi-family housing. Those plans are being implemented now as the city grows and more and more people want to call Redmond home. The low vacancy rates for all housing types in Redmond show that the city needs more housing, not less. Angela gets that.

Her endorsements from so many Redmond residents, business interests, organizations committed to affordable housing and Redmond firefighters speak volumes.

Angela walks the talk and devotes her time and talent as a leader in Redmond, as Redmond’s voice regionally and with organizations like Hopelink that directly address poverty and homelessness in Redmond. She will make a great mayor.

Kim Allen

Former Redmond city councilmember