Birney’s vision for community | Letter

Why do residents and community leaders across our region endorse Angela Birney for Redmond mayor?

The answer is simple: Angela offers a vision for Redmond and has led Redmond to pursue it.

She’s built a proven record for taking action and leading change on complex issues and accomplishing our community’s goals through essential partnerships. Angela diligently represents Redmond’s interests in the ongoing work with our neighboring cities and King County to improve the livability of our communities.

As Redmond City Council president Angela is demonstrating not only her ability to lead, but to work productively with other councilmembers, the city departments and the mayor. She remains committed to developing collaborations with residents, the business community and the diversity of organizations serving the Redmond community. Policies to address Redmond’s biggest challenges require coherent teamwork, as well as leadership.

A key element in Angela’s vision is COMMUNITY. To her vision, Angela states, “We need a city where community is fostered, collaboration is valued, and diversity is celebrated.”

These are not just buzzwords or recent toutings, but values that continually guide Angela’s work. Angela served on the Redmond parks and trails committee long before running for council, provided leadership in the Nourishing Network and the Lake Washington Schools Foundation and is currently chair of Hopelink’s board.

Join us and the majority of Redmond voters with your vote for Angela Birney for Redmond mayor!

Pat Vache, Arnie Tomac and Byron Shutz

Former Redmond city councilmembers