Campaign funds for community | Letter

Thanks to all the Redmond voters that made this election energetic and the best reflection of public values in 12 years. I sent the following message to all 10 candidates for city offices and hope they will join me.

As we close down our campaign accounts, perhaps you have some money left over. There are several things you can do with the money. I am hoping you will join me by donating any money left to nonprofit operations that benefit Redmond and its residents.

My first give is to the Green Redmond program. One-gallon Douglas fir and Sitka spruce trees cost the city $3.50 each. I am hoping to donate $350 to plant 100 trees. If all 10 candidates do that, we can reforest a couple of acres at least.

My second choice is The Sophia Way women’s shelter. They have had a rocky time recently with organization and management. Additional money should help stabilize them and help them hire a permanent executive director.

Third on my list is the Landing, the young adult shelter operated by Friends of Youth at the Together Center in Redmond.

If I have any money left over, it will go to Union Gospel Mission, which is ramping up its Eastside efforts. You may know Jason Dick, a Redmond resident who is their development director. By next Tuesday, I should know how much I have left, and will again encourage candidates to put any leftover funds into community good.

Hank Myers

Redmond city council candidate