Fields has experience, vision and commitment | Letter

Everywhere I go, someone complains to me, as former 16 year mayor of Redmond, about rampant development, gridlock, cut-down trees, loss of community character, and eroding quality of life over the past five years. If they want a better Redmond, the Aug. 6 mayoral primary offers a clear choice — Steve Fields!

I know what it takes to lead 600 employees with a $120 million budget, what prior paid experience is pertinent, the importance of listening and working with the public in forming a shared vision, the financial acumen in budget decisions, implementing the right things effectively and efficiently, and the resiliency and fortitude demanded day in and day out.

The mayor is both political leader and chief executive responsible for daily administration and operations. Steve Fields is the only candidate with relevant experience in private and public sectors. Significant is Steve’s extensive government experience in the executive branch: 10 years in King County’s Executive Services business/finance management spanning all departments and two years at city of Seattle as strategic advisor/business analyst implementing performance management capabilities.

Over the past three years the city has had a revolving door of department directors leaving employees to fend for themselves. The city is at a crossroads, experiencing unprecedented growth. Staff needs a mayor who is present, engaged on a daily basis, who has management experience to lead, make tough decisions, is accountable and can demonstrate to the staff and community that residents’ priorities come first ahead of developer and other special interests.

Pertinent management and finance experience matters now more than ever. It’s imperative that our next mayor have a track record for using metrics to assure accountability, is capable of taking corrective measures if warranted in maintaining services while keeping the cost of government from rising.

For experience, vision, and commitment, the choice is clear — Steve Fields for mayor!

Rosemarie Ives

Redmond mayor, 1992-2007