Fields puts people first | Letter

Redmond has a strong mayor system of government, which gives the choice of who becomes mayor directly to voters. The mayor of Redmond is the chief executive of the city and the only full-time elected representative for residents. Our mayor is the city manager that other cities hire.

Steve Fields, a long-time Redmond resident, brought his professional business and government management experience to the Redmond City Council in 2018. Steve listens and responds to the many ideas emerging from city residents. On council he asks tough and fundamental questions. His vision is to deliver thoughtfully managed growth, allowing Redmond to expand and improve without losing the character of this great community or adversely impacting the quality of life we all value. He will seize economic opportunities, laying the foundation for a more innovative business climate that encourages and assists both large and small local businesses and entrepreneurs.

The city must engage in the planning and management measures that Steve has been advocating to ensure poor decisions like the postponement of essential building maintenance of the recently closed senior center never happens again. It’s not enough to declare a vision for Redmond. The next mayor must also have the financial and managerial expertise to protect all of Redmond’s valuable assets. And the mayor must collaborate with all members of the city council.

Redmond deserves a mayor who brings proven management experience, values and understands that dissent and the ability to think independently are fundamental to the success of our city. Steve has 10 years of highly acclaimed leadership at King County and a record of putting people first on Redmond City Council. We believe Redmond should elect Steve Fields as the next mayor.

Dale Fonk, chair of 45th Republicans

Ken Albinger, chair of 45th Democrats (2015-18)