Keep Redmond a great hometown | Letter

Each of us has chosen Redmond as our hometown. Many, like our family, arrived in the early 1980s because of an employment opportunity. Many more have made the same choice over the past four decades especially in the last few years. Most likely we were drawn to Redmond because of its neighborhoods, great parks, and good schools, though many have noticed that their quality of life is eroding every day. They tell me that Redmond is just not as livable or safe as it was when they arrived.

Together we have shared in the daily frustration of traffic everywhere. When we hear sirens, we hope that the emergency responders make it on time or that a crime isn’t happening in a neighborhood nearby. Daily, people express their concern about living with these and other impacts resulting from the city not handling the rate of growth in a better, thoughtful and responsible manner. These impacts are just “the tip of the iceberg”— the result of decisions either made or not made by our Redmond elected officials.

Are you are concerned about the direction the city is going? The only way to change the direction is to change the decision makers in the next city election this fall. Fortunately, both mayor and four council positions (a majority) are on the ballot so a “course correction” is very possible. People who want to keep Redmond a great hometown need to come forward. It is important for there to be contested races, which require candidates to reveal their priorities, qualifications and pertinent experience so most importantly, voters are given a choice in selecting the best candidates. This election is pivotal in determining Redmond’s quality of life today and every day going forward.

I encourage people who want to keep Redmond a great hometown to run for elective office. The filing starts May 13 and ends May 17. More information on election filing is available at

Rosemarie Ives

Redmond Mayor 1992-2007