Letters on LWSD levy | Letter

Whenever I’m asked for money, I have a few questions for the person ask. How will this money be used? How have you used money in the past? How will I know you’re using the money the way you say you will?

In the case of the Lake Washington School District (LWSD) and its levy request, these questions have all been answered satisfactorily. LWSD has been clear about the need for the money, how it will use it, and I get regular communications from the district on how it spends the bond and levy money it currently receives.

I am voting YES for kids.

You don’t have to have a child in school to be aware of the growth the district has experienced. My own child graduated from Lake Washington schools six years ago, and in that time, LWSD has grown by roughly an additional 3,600 students. It’s difficult to keep up with that kind of influx, yet that is what we ask of our schools: educate everyone who walks through the door. Let’s do our part to support them in this important mission, and vote YES to invest in our schools, our community, and our future.

Sherri Nichols


My name is Cody Becker, and I’m a sophomore at Redmond High School. I’ve been a student in the Lake Washington School District my entire life. I have known many of the other students that go to high school with me since kindergarten, and I have a strong sense of community here. Along with this, the district has provided me with great teachers for the classes I take and has given me opportunities in drama, sports, music and robotics.

There are more and more students in my school every year, and I’m aware that our district is one of the fastest growing districts in Washington state. It is important to me, the other students, and the entire community that the district has the resources to keep up with the growth.

I’m writing this letter to voice my support for the upcoming levy.

Without this source of funding, many needed improvements cannot be made. As a student, I will benefit directly from this levy passing. Helping students like me have a better, safer educational environment makes our community healthier, more vibrant and economically sound. It will provide a better future for all of us.

Vote “Yes” for the levy by April 23.

Cody Becker