The damage of fracking | Letter

The final environmental impact statement for the world’s largest fracked gas and methanol refinery proposed to be built in Kalama, is inaccurate and misleading.

It fails to take into account the threat to public health and our climate, which would be caused not only by the refinery and the products it intends to create, but also by the fracked gas pipeline expansion they will inevitably attempt to build to fuel this monster of a project.

Fracking damages public health, pollutes water and contributes to climate change.

The scientific community widely agrees that we have about 11 years to avert climate disaster. Why is Washington state even considering allowing this fossil-fuel guzzling refinery to be built? The Department of Ecology and Gov. Jay Inslee know better than to accept this green-washed report. I call on them to deny this project once and for all.

Charlotte Linton