Widening project did not improve commute time

I disagree regarding the success of the SR 202 project reducing the commute time after the road widening project.



I disagree regarding the success of the SR 202 project reducing the commute time after the road widening project.

I commute to South Bellevue from Sammamish and use 202 and SR 520 west everyday and it is a nightmarish commute due to the fact that one lane at the entry ramp to 520 is an HOV lane.

This boggles my mind because, the stretch of HOV is such a short stretch with no connection immediately before or after entry into SR520.

WHY DO WE NEED AN HOV LANE smack in the middle and it’s not even a major highway? This just helps in clogging up 202 all the way back to Sahalee Way, 204/208th, 198th, 192th Avenues etc. To add to the misery there is a blinking light which further curbs the flow of traffic, making this a long, slow moving procession.

My commute from 244th Avenue Northeast to the 520 interchange which is roughly about 6-7 miles takes about 25-30 mins everyday and believe me, I have tried to stagger the start time with no success.

The return commute on 520 from Bellevue is no picnic either — it’s taking longer and longer on regular days — and add to it rain or sunshine — it’s a big mess and traffic jam. The span on 520 from 148th Avenue to the 202 exit takes a good 45 minutes in the evening.

I am not alone as many of the commuters share the same frustration as I do.

So please, remove the HOV on west bound 202 entry into 520 west or add another lane.

Who in the world asked for vegetation/weeds right in the middle of 202 when land is at such a high premium? As much as I love plants, this is totally insane to see big chunks of road space utilized for growing weeds or blank unusable spaces etc etc.. Jeesh!

Grow up, WSDOT (Washington State Department of Transportation) and Gov. Christine Gregoire. Stop spending my tax dollars on unnecessary projects called road widening.

I can say that my commute from before the widening has increased or remained just about the same — after spending $96 million?

Gita Vincent


I was a democrat, now thanks to our new voting laws I am independent again.

I do not care if there is a “D” or “R” or “GOP” next to the man or woman who is running to represent the people in our government.

What I do care about is the fact that they will represent us.

He will represent us as individuals as businesses and people.

Toby Nixon has shown time and time again that it is the people that are on the top of his agenda.

He believes in our state’s Constitution when it says: All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

This is the first of many Declarations of Rights in our States Constitution. It is first, but always forgotten.

By electing Toby Nixon the people of the 45th District (which includes Redmond) will have a true representitive working for them.

He is a man that will put the power of the people back into our government.

John Dick