4Culture offers grants for creative projects

4Culture, King County’s cultural funding agency, offers grants to support projects that have the arts, heritage and preservation at their core. King County residents who are at least 18 years old, and working on a project in one of these program areas, are eligible to apply.


For artists and arts groups to create new work, pursue opportunities, pay for materials, and more. Open to all creative disciplines including music, media, dance, theater, literature and visual art. Deadline is March 7.


Funds individuals and organizations making history relevant and provocative through exhibits, publications and oral histories. Grants support documenting, showcasing and interpreting King County history. Deadline is March 7.


Supports neighborhood surveys, landmark nominations and building assessments – important documentation necessary to keep historic landmarks beautiful. Applicants can also use the grant to hire experts and for advocacy efforts. Projects that utilize technology to reach audiences new to preservation are encouraged. Deadline is Feb. 28.

Applicants are encouraged to contact 4Culture staff directly with questions about grant writing or attend a free, information workshop.

For information, contact:

Art Projects:

Individual artists: Heather Dwyer, heather.dwyer@4culture.org or (206) 263-1597.

Groups: Doreen Mitchum, doreen.mitchum@4culture.org or (206) 263-1605.

Heritage Projects:

Brian Carter at brian.carker@4culture.org or (206) 263-1605.

Preservation Special Projects:

Brandi Link at brandi.link@4culture.org or (206) 263-1593.

Visit https://www.4culture.org/project-grants/