Local musicians celebrate women in upcoming concert in Redmond

Val D’Alessio, Jaspar Lepak and Mandy Troxel will be performing at the SoulFood CoffeeHouse for International Women’s Day.

Three female musicians will team up to celebrate International Women’s Day at SoulFood CoffeeHouse. While they all know each other, it will be the first time they perform together.

Jaspar Lepak is a Seattle-based folk/Americana singer-songwriter. Originally from Arizona, Lepak moved to Seattle and joined Songwriters in Seattle, a nonprofit organization that supports independent artists. That’s where she met Val D’Alessio, another local singer-songwriter. The two have performed together. Lepak later met Mandy Troxel at a Folk Alliance International Conference. All three are dedicated folk singer-songwriters with a desire to showcase women’s voices in music.

“Women are still underrepresented in the music industry, and it’s really fun to put together a line-up entirely of women songwriters,” Lepak said.

International Women’s Day, first celebrated in the early 1900s, is held on March 8. It is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Lepak said they came up with the idea to perform a concert celebrating International Women’s Day at SoulFood CoffeeHouse because “it’s a wonderful, community-focused venue that invites all ages to enjoy performances with no ticket price, just a pay-what-you-can donation jar.”

Lepak, D’Alessio and Troxel will be sharing women-themed songs in a “round” style.

“We will all be on stage together, taking turns performing original songs and backing each other up sometimes with harmonies and instruments,” Lepak said. “Some of our collaboration will be rehearsed and some of it will be spontaneous.”

Lepak said though the three have never performed together previously, she thought they would make a great group.

“We have all been writing and performing songs for more than a decade, and we all have roots in folk, country and blues styles. Val and I are both local to Seattle and Mandy will be traveling from Eastsound, Orcas Island,” she said.

They encourage people to come to the show and bring their children.

“It’s really special for young people, especially girls, to see women on stage performing together,” Lepak said. “I know that opportunity has made a huge difference in my life.”

The concert will be at SoulFood CoffeeHouse at 15748 Redmond Way on March 8 from 8-10 p.m.