Registration open for Tour de Redmond

This year, the annual event will encourage cyclists to shop local.

Some things never change, including the Redmond-wide effort to encourage more bicycle use in the summer with Tour de Redmond.

The annual community bike challenge this year focuses on encouraging local cyclists to ‘Bike Back to Redmond.’ The hope is residents will travel to support local businesses, according to organizer’s Greater Redmond Transportation Association.

The challenge offers points for each day a member of your team rides their bike, and can include up to 10 people per team. Those that receive the most points will receive different awards from local Redmond businesses, including $75, $125, and $200 gift cards.

There’s also a weekly photo scavenger hunt along four scenic trails for those wanting to do something different. The trails feature Redmond businesses, the new trails and new light rail.

Registration just opened for the event, which will run Sept. 1 to Sept. 30. More information and registration available here.