Alive Reviews (TryAlive) Legit Ingredients or Scam?

There are numerous weight-loss strategies available today for anyone looking to manage their weight. While some prefer dieting and exercising, most people like easy-to-use, convenient methods like using health supplements. Alive is one of the latest entrants in the weight loss space that promises to help users shed significant amounts of fat. Read on to learn more about Alive supplement.

Introducing Alive

Alive is an innovative nutritional diet pill that is exclusively available online. This supplement uses a potent mix of ingredients like caffeine, guarana, green coffee extracts, and others to enhance fat burning. Besides helping you attain remarkable weight loss, this Alive supplement offers multiple health-enhancing benefits. The ingredients support dopamine function, energy production, and a lot more, thus ensuring your health improves as you lose weight.

How Alive works

Alive contains natural extracts of guarana and green coffee beans, which are both potent caffeine sources. Caffeine has been extensively proven to be an effective fat burner that guarantees rapid weight loss. You only need two pills of Alive every day to accelerate your weight loss. The ingredients included in this product ensure users can burn more unwanted fat both while working out and at rest.

Besides improving metabolism and calorie-burning capacities, Alive also improves dopamine function in the brain. These ingredients ensure you always have sufficient amounts of dopamine in the body, thus simplifying weight loss.


How Alive Targets your Dopamine

Most of the typical weight loss and diet pills in the market today mainly work as appetite suppressants, stimulants, thermogenic, and various other methods. However, this Alive supplement is highly distinctive since it targets the brain’s dopamine levels to quicken weight loss.

Dopamine is an essential hormone that helps in motivation, mood regulation, and weight loss. Generally, diet pills do not significantly lower or raise dopamine levels. However, Alive claims that influencing dopamine levels is critical to simplifying and enhancing the weight loss process.

Unhealthy foods like fast foods and junk foods often trigger dopamine. Alive takes advantage of that fact by purposefully raising dopamine levels to trick the brain that you are eating those tasty yet unhealthy foods. This supplement promotes dopamine production and thus, minimizes those unhealthy cravings that often cause weight gain.

Features of Alive

Here are the key features of the Alive supplement:

  • Enhances natural dopamine production
  • Reduces unhealthy cravings
  • Acts like an appetite suppressant
  • It helps users lose weight
  • Convenient and easy to use

Should You Take Alive

This Alive diet solution is designed to help anyone interested in losing weight. The manufacturer insists that their product is safe to use by anyone regardless of gender, age, or how much fat they want to burn. However, if you are currently on prescription medication or have a chronic health problem, you should first consult your physician before taking these Alive pills.

Generally, Alive is perfect for:

  • People who want quick weight loss
  • Both men and women above 18 years old

Dosage recommendations

Alive comes in a stylish bottle that contains 60 capsules. The company recommends that users take two pills every day early in the morning. That way, you can burn fat and lose weight all day long. Avoid taking Alive later during the day as you may have issues falling asleep due to increased energy production.

Ingredients in Alive

Alive contains the following primary ingredients:

    • Green coffee beans extract
    • Teacrine
    • Guarana

The green coffee beans and guarana offer natural caffeine content. However, the manufacturer has not disclosed the exact caffeine dosage included in this supplement. Other ingredients also included here include African mango, fenugreek, and green tea extracts.

Does Alive Work?

The company behind the Alive supplement has provided numerous studies on its website to showcase all the ingredients used to make this product. You will find a wide collection of peer-reviewed research involving guarana, teacrine, green coffee, and other ingredients. The studies show that all the ingredients used in Alive have the massive potential of helping you to lose weight.

Alive has cited research showing that fenugreek health supplements can improve people’s metabolic health on high-fat diets. The researchers who carried out that study gave mice high-fat diets and a fenugreek supplement for 16 weeks. The mice that ate the fenugreek had considerably higher metabolic health compared to the mice that did not receive that essential ingredient. Therefore, it is likely that Alive may contain similarly high doses of fenugreek to promote weight loss.

Alive could also contain capsaicin ingredients, which are typically found in pepper extracts like chili peppers. Most diet and weight loss pills contain capsaicin due to its significant weight-loss advantages. Capsaicin has powerful thermogenic properties that help you burn fat resources from within your body. The manufacturer of Alive has cited recent research that demonstrated how capsaicin supplementation reduced fat mass and body fat. The over 70 human subjects in that research lost weight compared to those who were taking the placebo drug. Likewise, another study found that capsaicin induces fat oxidation, which increases your overall fat-burning efficiency.

Based on the studies listed on Alive’s website, this supplement could contain some small amounts of African mango extracts. This extract has been comprehensively studied and found to support a person’s ability to lose weight successfully. In a previous study, researchers gave 300mg of the mango extract daily for ten weeks to participants. They observed considerable improvements in all areas of weight loss, including body fat, blood glucose, weight circumference, cholesterol, and body weight.

The company behind Alive has also listed studies done on green tea on its website. Green tea is well known for its weight-supporting benefits, and many people consume this tea daily to manage their weight. A study on green tee found that it had significant potential in increasing energy production for weight loss.

Alive also contains teacrine, which is a potent compound that naturally exists in some kinds of tea. A 2014 research on teacrine found that this compound had immense effects on the study participants’ weight loss efforts. The participants that were given teacrine experienced considerable reductions in overall fatigue and amazing weight loss outcomes, and various other health benefits.

The unique black labeling format used on the Alive bottle makes it hard to precisely make out what is included in this supplement. However, if you consider the studies listed on its website, this supplement could likely contain multiple ingredients scientifically proven to fight fat and support weight loss.

What is the price of Alive?

Alive is reasonably priced at only $69 for a single bottle on the supplement’s official website. However, if you order multiple units, then the price per bottle drops to either $59 or $49 per bottle. It is always better to go for the multiple order packages as they offer the most discounts and free shipping. Here is the summary of the Alive prices:

  • 1 Bottle of Alive costs $69, and a small $4.99 shipping fee
  • 3 Bottles of Alive costs $177, and you get free shipping across the U.S
  • 6 Bottles of Alive will cost you only $294, and you also get free US shipping here

There are 60 pills in every bottle of Alive. That gives a total of 30 servings since you are supposed to take two pills daily. The pills will enhance your dopamine production, promote weight loss, and various other positive effects.


Does Alive have a refund policy?

This supplement offers consumers more confidence since it has a strong refund policy. You can use it within 60 days and get your complete refund if it doesn’t help you fulfill your weight loss goals.

Where is Alive Made?

Alive is manufactured in America in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility. The manufacturer has reported that they use high-quality manufacturing standards while only hiring top-level US workers. However, there is limited knowledge on the Alive website regarding whether the supplement has been tested internally or externally by laps for potency and purity. The company’s headquarters and fulfillment center are located in Taylor, Michigan.


Alive is an amazing new diet pill that claims to offer remarkable weight loss outcomes for all users. The pill contains natural compounds like green coffee beans, African mango extracts, caffeine, guarana, and various other ingredients that accelerate your capacity to quickly losing weight. This supplement targets the dopamine production in your brain to reduce appetite, unhealthy cravings and help you successfully attain considerable weight loss.

The manufacturer has stated on their website that the supplies of Alive are limited due to the increasing consumer demand for their products. That means interested users should not hesitate and place their orders. Most importantly, all purchases of Alive are covered by the extensive 60-day money-back policy. That means you can easily get a refund within the first two months. The company recommends getting the 6-bottle package as it contains multiple servings and has the most savings compared to other packages.



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