Altucher’s Investment Network Review: Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet Guide

Altucher’s Investment Network has launched a new marketing campaign featuring “Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet.”

By subscribing to Altucher’s Investment Network today, you can learn about a new investment opportunity linked to Amazon that could lead to 20X gains in the near future.

Can you really make 20X gains from Amazon’s new technology? What will you learn through Altucher’s Investment Network? Find out everything you need to know about this financial newsletter today in our review.

What is Altucher’s Investment Network?

Altucher’s Investment Network is a financial analysis newsletter published online by Choose Yourself Media (also known as Choose Yourself Financial), a Three Founders Publishing subsidiary.

Altucher’s Investment Network is led by James Altucher, a 53-year old American hedge fund manager, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

In Altucher’s Investment Network, subscribers get a unique insight into James Altucher’s unique investment strategies. James Altucher and his analysts share investment recommendations, market news and analysis, and other insight.

Here’s how Choose Yourself Financial explains the newsletter’s investment philosophy:

“With the simple mantra of Choose Yourself, James was able to build a massive following of readers — and help people find new and unusual opportunities to generate inward success. But now he wants to help people achieve the next step…True financial freedom and independence.”

James claims to be connected to “the biggest players on Silicon Valley and Wall Street.” He shares information from these connections with readers, giving readers an advantage over the rest of the market:

“James and his inner circle will reveal their most explosive secrets about how to build wealth quickly and safely. They’ll share tips for navigating Wall Street, personal finance strategies, and tricks to boosting retirement income.”

Subscribers receive one new issue of Altucher’s Investment Network every month. By subscribing to the newsletter today, you also get a range of bonus reports – like the latest report on Jeff Bezos’ big Amazon-related bet.

What is Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet?

In a new sales page and video, James Altucher and the Altucher’s Investment Network team discuss an investment opportunity linked to Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is purportedly building a facility in the heart of Washington state. The technology produced in that facility will change the world.

By investing in that technology today, you can purportedly earn 20X returns on your investment, according to the sales page.

Here’s how James Altucher introduces the new investment opportunity he spotted:

“On March 9th, I predict Amazon Inc. will reveal its biggest global innovation at a big event for its sellers. One that could not only boost their business… but also open up a unique opportunity that could double, 10X, even 20X your investment over the long haul.”

After a lengthy video, James Altucher explains what Amazon is building: Amazon wants to create a universal internet version.

According to James, that universal internet technology will revolutionize the world. It will make 4 billion people worldwide Amazon users. It will change every aspect of our economy, and it will be bigger than 4G, artificial intelligence, and other trends.

James Altucher calls Amazon’s internet “StarNet.” We’ll talk more about how it works below.

How Does Amazon’s Internet Work?

James Altucher believes Amazon’s new internet will solve crucial problems in the marketplace. The internet service provider (ISP) space is outdated. It’s ripe for disruption. James Altucher believes Amazon is quietly building a universal internet that will disrupt the industry completely.

What makes Amazon’s universal internet different than competing internet options? Here are some of the differences mentioned on Altucher’s Investment Network sales page:

Difference #1: No More Cables: Your current internet arrives at your house through a network of cables and wires. Those cables and wires send the internet to your home, then distribute it throughout your home using wireless internet technology (Wi-Fi). Amazon’s internet will work differently, using the StarNet satellite system to beam the internet from space to your home. Amazon is launching satellites that sit 400 miles up in the sky, beaming the internet from a satellite ISP to your home. That means fast internet with no cables.

Difference #2: World Wide Immediate Access: Traditional internet has physical boundaries. It’s tough to get fast internet speeds on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Antarctic research stations struggle with the internet. StarNet, if successful, will make fast internet available anywhere in the world. Because the internet is beamed through space, it’s not bound by the same restrictions as normal internet.

Difference #3: Way Cheaper: StarNet will be much cheaper than ordinary internet, costing a fraction of what traditional ISPs charge for the internet. James Altucher believes pricing could start as low as $8.99 per month. Amazon could also subsidize the service early, taking a loss to encourage more customers to sign up.

Overall, James Altucher believes Amazon’s StarNet will “sound the death knell” for traditional ISPs. Overnight, Amazon’s technology will change how the internet is delivered, disrupting the entire telecommunication industry.

Is Amazon Really Building a Universal Internet System Called StarNet?

Amazon has not publicly disclosed any universal internet system. While Elon Musk is launching a similar satellite-based internet system through SpaceX’s StarLink, Amazon has not officially announced any competing product.

Nevertheless, James believes we have plenty of evidence that Amazon is building a universal internet system.

James calls the system StarNet, although Amazon may not use this term. StarNet appears to be a term created by James to discuss the service.

Some of the reasons James believes Amazon is preparing to launch a universal internet network include:

Reason #1: All the Groundwork is in Place: James Altucher has identified a building Amazon purchased in the middle of Washington. James believes Amazon is planning to move its headquarters away from Seattle – and possibly further inland. Amazon has also hired employees specializing in this type of technology. For example, he recently hired Rajeev Badyal, who was in charge of Elon Musk’s StarLink satellite system. Jeff also hired Mark Krebs, an aerospace engineer who helped develop the first two prototype satellites for SpaceX. Amazon has listed hundreds of jobs for engineers since 2019, including many jobs mentioning “low earth orbit (LEO) satellites.”

Reason #2: Amazon Has Filed a Patent for Launching Satellites: James has also spotted a patent filed by Amazon for a system similar to StarNet. Amazon engineers have developed and patented a system to catapult LEO satellites into low orbit. The system uses the principles of whip dynamics to launch satellites into space without rockets efficiently. This gives Amazon an advantage over the competition by allowing them to launch satellites more cheaply than others.

Reason #3: The FCC Has Approved Amazon’s Request to Launch Satellites: In July 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a 5-0 ruling authorizing Amazon to deploy a non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) system to provide telecommunication service. This gives Amazon the right to launch 3,236 satellites that deliver the internet to every corner of the earth.

Because of these three reasons, James Altucher is confident that Amazon is launching a satellite-based internet system in the near future – and that the system will change the telecommunication industry forever.

What Happens on March 9?

On March 9, Amazon and Jeff Bezos will purportedly reveal details of this program.

James isn’t 100% certain on the date, but he believes Amazon will blow the cover off its program on or around March 9.

Here’s how James explains the importance of March 9:

“I believe Amazon could fully lift the covers off their plan for an entirely new version of the internet…A worldwide network that will blanket the globe – Without a single cell tower, cable…OR wire. And the implications for business are massive.”

Stay tuned to see what Amazon announces on March 9.

How to Make Money from Amazon’s StarNet Universal Internet

It’s no secret that you can buy Amazon shares to make money from Amazon’s upcoming universal internet. Amazon is a publicly-traded company, and anyone can buy Amazon to get a stake in its future success.

However, James Altucher has identified several investment opportunities related to Amazon’s technology, including opportunities that could lead to returns of 2X, 10X, or 20X your initial investment.

James Altucher has identified two specific investment opportunities related to Amazon’s StarNet, including:

StarNet Opportunity #1: A Tiny Company That Could Soar in Value: James Altucher has identified a small company that could skyrocket in value as Amazon launches its technology into space. That company makes radiation-hardened components. Amazon needs these components for its satellites to survive in space. James Altucher believes shares of this company will soar 500%, 600%, or even 1,000% as Amazon’s internet takes off.

StarNet Opportunity#2: A Tiny Space Debris Company: Space is becoming more crowded, and space debris is concerned. James has identified a small Colorado-based company that removes dead and abandoned satellites and other debris from space. James believes “we are looking at 1,000%, 5,000% maybe even 10,000% gains” with this company within the next few years.

To discover the names and ticker symbols of these companies, subscribe to Altucher’s Investment Network today.

What’s Included with Altucher’s Investment Network?

As part of a 2021 promotion, James Altucher bundles several bonus reports with all new subscriptions to Altucher’s Investment Network.

Here’s what you get with every subscription to Altucher’s Investment Network:

Monthly Issues of Altucher’s Investment Network: Your subscription includes monthly issues of Altucher’s Investment Network. Each month, James and his team recommend specific stocks, analyze market news, and discuss other investment opportunities. James Altucher is a hedge fund manager who claims to connect to Silicon Valley and Wall Street sources. By joining Altucher’s Investment Network, you’re getting access to this “network” of sources. You receive the issues via email and standard mail every month.

Gift #1: Jeff Bezos’ Big Bet: Retire Rich on the StarNet Universal Internet Revolution: Amazon is preparing to announce a new satellite-based internet system, according to James Altucher. In this report, you’ll discover companies that could rise 20X in value or higher after Amazon launches its satellite-based internet system, which James calls StarNet. You can invest in Amazon. However, you can also invest in a company that makes radiation-protected computer parts and another company that cleans space debris. James believes both of these companies will skyrocket n value in the near future.

Gift #2: Lunar Mining: A Guide to Exploiting a Quadrillion Dollar Opportunity: James believes companies will eventually mine the moon. He describes the moon as a quadrillion dollar opportunity. In this report, James discusses how investors can get a slice of this potentially huge industry.

Gift #3: The Advantage of Micro Gravity: A $1 Trillion Investing Opportunity Strategy That’s Truly Out of This World: In this report, James explains how manufacturing companies could take advantage of low gravity environments to produce things at a cheaper cost. James recommends investing in the best space manufacturing companies today to earn profits as this space goes mainstream.

Gift #4: The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth: All subscriptions come with a free eBook from James Altucher called The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth. In this eBook, James explains his investment philosophy and how it works.

Members-Only Email Alerts: Subscribers receive instant alerts with James’ current investment recommendations, including sell alerts if it’s time to close a position that James has previously recommended, allowing investors to maximize profit.

One Last Thing Subscription: James Altucher’s One Last Thing is a forward-looking market dispatch available five days a week, analyzing market news and trends daily.

Free Newsletters: James publishes several free newsletters online, including Altucher Confidential and The 5 Minute Forecast. Both newsletters are bundled into your subscription.

Altucher’s Investment Network Pricing

Altucher’s Investment Network is priced at $79 per year.

Your credit card will continue to be charged $79 every year until you cancel. You can cancel at any time.

You can also buy a digital-only subscription for $49, which includes only monthly newsletters of Altucher’s Investment Network (with none of the bonuses listed above).

Altucher’s Investment Network Refund Policy

Altucher’s Investment Network is backed by a 6 month (180 days) refund policy.

You can request a complete refund on Altucher’s Investment Network within 6 months of your purchase.

About Choose Yourself Financial

Choose Yourself Financial is a financial publishing company led by James Altucher. The company is a subsidiary of Three Founders Publishing.

James Altucher offers several free and paid newsletters through Choose Yourself Financial and Three Founders Publishing, including Altucher’s Investment Network, Altucher’s Weekly Alphabrain Alert, The Altucher Report, and Altucher’s Top 1% Advisory, among others.

You can contact Choose Yourself Financial via the following:

Final Word

James Altucher and his team at Altucher’s Investment Network have launched a new marketing campaign featuring Amazon’s next big investment opportunity: a space-based internet system.

By subscribing to Altucher’s Investment Network today, you can learn how to earn returns as high as 20X by investing in companies linked to Amazon’s new space-based internet, which James calls StarNet.

To learn more about this unique investment opportunity, subscribe to Altucher’s Investment Network today.