AntiTar Cigarette Filter Review: Remove Toxic Smoke and Tar?

The 3rd Generation AntiTar filters are effective for making smoking safer because they slash 90% of the cigarettes’ tar, and each one can be reused up to six times. Moreover, they’re claimed not to change the way cigarettes taste. These anti-tar filters feature a rectangular wide vent for supporting smoother inhaling and make using them much more comfortable.

About the Company That Makes AntiTar Filters

The company that makes AntiTar filters claims that it’s focused on helping smokers worldwide overcome their health issues involved with their smoking habits by targeting:

Tar Filtering

Tar filtration should be addressed effectively for each customer’s health concern and to make quitting smoking easier. The AntiTar filters’ manufacturing company says most of its customers used to be worried about coughing and damage from inhaling the tar from cigarettes. And, most said they have managed to overcome this issue using these tar filters.

Air Flow

Using new technology and smooth airflow, users will find the airflow is just like smoking a regular filtered cigarette. The AT470 Triple Filtration for Maximum Tar Filtration & Smooth Airflow is considered the newest technology on the market in tar filters.

M2-RED-210311-AntiTar Cigarette

How Do the AntiTar Filters Work?

The AntiTar filters are small devices that are applied to the cigarette filter and capture the tar from the cigarette smoke that gets into the lungs. AntiTar filters will not change the flavor of the tobacco at all but will remove the harsh taste and put an end to smokers’ cough. Filtered cigarettes contain a fair amount of tar and can’t keep the tar from getting into the mouth and lungs. The filters that manufacturers use usually show stains from tar and become bitter, but the AntiTar filter promises to change all this. They’re said to be the best products in their category because they are a 3-stage filter device that prevents most of the tar in cigarettes from entering the mouth and lungs.

Here are the benefits they’re said to provide:

  • Eliminate the tar
  • Preserve the flavor of cigarettes
  • Make smoking smoother and reduce roughness
  • Provide the same draw as if smoking without a filter
  • Feel comfortable
  • No more stained fingers and lips

Depending on which brand of cigarettes one is smoking, the AntiTar filters will remain clean and won’t leak.

Can AntiTar Filters Make Smoking Healthy?

There are currently no studies to prove that smoking is in any way healthy. However, some people enjoy this habit and can’t seem to quit. The good news for them is that the AntiTar filters can make smoking somewhat healthier by reducing the amount of tar the smoker inhales. These filters are said to help smokers take pleasure in their habit without regrets. At the same time, they’re claimed to help keep the lungs cleaner and smokers may feel like they have more energy. When more than 90% of the harmful substances in cigarettes are filtered out, the filters may also help you quit smoking, but without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. When inhaling from a cigarette, smokers put in their lungs 7,000 toxic chemical components, but the AntiTar filters claim to reduce the molecular weight of these components, tar and nicotine included, the filters are made using;

  • Nano Beads- Absorb toxic liquid and substances that are harmful
  • Microporous Filters- This type of filter will prevent the tar from the tobacco from entering the mouth and lungs
  • High Fiber Cotton Filter- Captures the finer harmful particles
  • Made from Food Grade Silica Gel, PE, and PS, with PE standing for Polyethylene plastic and PS for Polystyrene Plastic.
  • No sponge or chemical materials included

Can AntiTar Help with Quitting Smoking?

It doesn’t matter if a person can’t quit smoking or they don’t even want to. The AntiTar Filters promise to enhance their smoking experience. These plastic, ingenious and clean filters remove almost all the toxic substances in cigarettes, reducing the number of harmful compounds that get into the mouth and lungs. Some of those who have tried them say they got rid of their smoker’s cough and saw a reduction in phlegm within a week. For those who are trying to stop smoking, the filters reduce the nicotine intake so that addiction is gradually decreased. However, when it comes to the pleasure of smoking, they don’t reduce this in any way. Inhalation will happen as if there isn’t any filter, as well as without leakage.

Moreover, the filters help with having cleaner lips, teeth, and fingers. Those people who are tired of the outdated and ineffective information on how they can quit smoking should definitely give them a try to become healthier and manage to overcome their addiction. Seeing that tobacco companies put 20 times more of the recommended nicotine amount in cigarettes, quitting smoking without the AntiTar filters can be challenging.

What Are Cigarette Filters Good For?

When smoking heavily every day, it is always a good idea to use cigarette filters because these remove the cigarettes’ tar and don’t alter the smoking taste in any way. Any smoker who either wants to continue smoking or perhaps give up this habit should use the AntiTar filters in order to stop inhaling all the harmful substances in cigarettes. Said to be 100% safe to use, these are made from Food Grade Silica Gel, PE, and PS, with PE standing for Polyethylene plastic and PS for Polystyrene Plastic. They don’t have any sponge or chemical materials inside. Still, they use the latest Venturi Principle technology to eliminate the tar and all the other very toxic substances present in cigarettes. It can’t be said exactly just how much of the tar and toxic compounds they can remove, as this information varies depending on the cigarette type and brands smoked, as well as the smoking style of the person who smokes, but regardless of all these things, the AntiTar filters promise to be more effective than any other similar products available on the market.

M3-RED-210311-AntiTar Cigarette

What Makes the AntiTar Filters Special?

The 3rd Generation AntiTar filters are made in Singapore by using the latest technology that works against nicotine, tar, and other harmful substances present in cigarettes. They’re said to be much more advanced than any other older generations’ filters out there. Besides, their design ensures easier inhalation and the smoothest section, meaning they feel very comfortable when held in between the lips. Moreover, they come in 3 sizes, according to their diameter, so they are:

  • Regular
  • Slim
  • Super Slim

Each of these sizes obviously goes with the corresponding type of cigarette that’s usually enjoyed. It should be noted that AntiTar filters don’t protect from lung, mouth, or throat cancers, as a small number of dangerous substances present in cigarettes are still inhaled while using them.

How to Buy the AntiTar Filters?

The AntiTar filters can be acquired from the official website where they’re advertised and sold at the following prices for each bundle:

  • Bundle 1 for $27, the customer saves $3 and has a 1-month supply of filters if he or she smokes only 10 cigarettes a day. This bundle also includes 5 slim size converters free.
  • Bundle 2 at $25 per box of filters, the customer saves $10. This supply lasts 1 month for any heavy smoker that smokes about a pack of cigarettes a day. It comes with a free carrying case for 3 filters and another 10 free slim size converters
  • Bundle 4 at the price of $22.5 per box of filters, which saves the customer $30. This is the 1-month supply for those who smoke more than 2 packs a day. It comes with free shipping, free 20 slim converters, and 2 free carrying cases for 6 filters
  • Bundle 6 is offered at $20 per box of filters and a 1-month supply for the heaviest smokers. It covers up to 1,800 cigarettes and free worldwide shipping, 3 free carrying cases for 9 filters, and 30 free slim size converters
M4-RED-210311-AntiTar Cigarette

Payments can be made via credit or debit card, as well as PayPal. Orders that are over $50 will be shipped for free, no matter the country of destination. Regardless of what Bundle is purchased, all products are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Questions about the filters, together with any inquiry or requests for refunds, can be addressed to the product’s customer service, which can be contacted via:

  • Phone: 1-833-667-8587
  • Email: support@antitar.com
  • Mailing Address: 9 Boon Keng Rd #36-158 Singapore 330009