BackXPack Reviews – Is Back X Pack Backpack Legit or Cheaply Made?

BackXPack is a bag that helps users to defend their possessions from being stolen or compromised. The bag is described as easy to wear anywhere, stylish, practical and it offers many compartments to conceal everything possible.

What is BackXPack?

Every good backpack has certain features that make it stand out from others, like extra compartments for drinks or hidden zippers. These bags can be used for school, but they have also proven to be a go-to solution for travel or spending a few days out and about. These bags can’t just look good; they have to be functional. That’s what BackXPack brings to the table.

Rather than just being another bag that users can incorporate into their daily lives, the BackXPack is advertised as a theft solution to protect all the users’ belongings in a stylish, practical manner. Offering an ergonomic design, the bag is big enough to fit many different items that consumers tend to bring along, including laptops or even groceries. The backpack features unique compartments thought out to make it easy for the user to hide their possessions.

Made with a lightweight material, the BackXPack is made to be water-repellant, protecting all of the materials inside. With many compartments and a USB adapter, users will have what they need to keep their belongings ready for use and protected from harm.

Purchasing BackXPack

The only way that consumers can order the BackXPack is by visiting the official website to order it. There’s a massive discount off of the retail cost of the bag, which is why this program includes the following options:

1 BackXPack for $89

3 BackXPacks for $177

5 BackXPacks for $267

Once the user chooses how many of these bags they want, they can also choose the color. Right now, the bags are available in Everyday Gray, Fashion Red, Mountain Blue, and Young Violet.

All of the BackXPacks can be protected with a 3-year warranty for an additional $9.

The customer service team be reached with any other questions by sending an email to care@urpurchase.com.


BackXPack helps users to improve their safety while away from home, protecting themselves with water-repellant material. Though there isn’t much information available online, consumers who invest in this bag can choose color and quantity at checkout. It is only offered on the official website, but users get a major discount from the retail cost.

To avoid counterfeit, the creators of BackXPack advised users to order only from the official website and avoid ordering from third-party websites like Amazon or eBay. To learn more, visit the official BackXPack website here.