Best CBD Treats for Dogs in 2021: Top 3 Brands Reviewed

By now, you have probably heard of the many uses and benefits of CBD oil; doctors, scientists, and many other professionals are discovering new uses for it all the time. Did you know that CBD oil can also help you treat many conditions from which your dog might suffer, and improve their quality of life?

In this article, we’ll first look at some specific conditions that are common among canines and that CBD can help treat. We’ll review three of the best hemp treats for dogs on the market right now. We’ll finish up by addressing some of the most commonly asked questions about CBD oil treats and dogs.

Our Reviews of the Best CBD Dog Treats

These CBD dog treats are among the most popular on the market right now. That said, each brand is very different. We’ve provided a description as well as pros and cons for each to help you make an informed choice for your dog.

1. Royal CBD Dog Treats


By far, Royal CBD dog treats are the highest-rated treats available now, and they have certainly earned their accolades. This brand is consistently recommended by reputable online publications such as Herald Net, Modern Dog Magazine, and more.

Royal makes several different types of CBD treats depending on your dog’s needs: one for mobility and pain management, one for calm and anxiety, and the third for overall health. These condition-specific treats are loaded with other all-natural ingredients (such as turmeric for inflammation) to give your dog as much benefit as possible, in addition to just the CBD.

Royal CBD uses full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that it might contain as much as 0.3% THC, which is the psychotropic ingredient in marijuana that delivers a high, but it also means that a lot of other elements remain in the CBD oil, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This is why it is called full-spectrum CBD. Their treats only come dosed as 5mg, which might be too much (or not enough) for some dogs.

Royal CBD also uses a method called supercritical carbon dioxide extraction for extracting the CBD from the plant. This is by far the best method that you can use for this process, as it yields the highest-quality full-spectrum CBD.

Royal CBD is also a relatively ethical business. All of the CBD is produced in Colorado, and it is completely vegan and all-natural.

The downside? The best CBD dog treats aren’t cheap. Royal CBD is also one of the most expensive brands on the market.

Things We Like:

  • Different types for different dog needs
  • Different flavors
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Organic, produced in the US, gluten-free, and vegan treats
  • Additives such as turmeric for additional benefits
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • You get what you pay for: it’s expensive
  • It is only available in 5mg doses

2. Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones


Gold Bee CBD treats are great if you’re looking to try out CBD for your dog or just want an easy, less expensive, all-purpose source of CBD for your pups.

One of the biggest differences between Gold Bee and Royal is that Gold Bee has removed all traces of THC while leaving the rest of the helpful ingredients (called broad-spectrum). The method that they use for extraction, though, isn’t as effective as Royal’s. It is called the cold-press method.

Gold Bee offers one flavor of treat that is dosed with 6mg CBD, so it is less customizable than Royal for your dog’s needs. In addition, 6mg might be too much for a smaller dog. That said, it is still made from 100% organic hemp grown in the United States and has shown to be very effective for dogs.

Things We Like:

  • One all-purpose treat
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • 100% organic, US-grown hemp
  • Lower price than Royal

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Only comes in a 6mg dose
  • Only comes in one flavor

3. Hempure CBD Pet Chews


Hempure treats are probably the best on this list for smaller dogs since they only contain 2mg per treat. They are also soft in texture, making them easy to chew. They are made with American hemp and broad-spectrum CBD (no THC), and they use the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process as Royal does.

Hempure treats are less expensive than Gold Bee or Royal especially, but this comes at a cost. They contain a lot of additives and are pretty far from all-natural. They also only offer one flavor.

Things We Like:

  • Low price, making it a great option for first-time users
  • Soft chews
  • 2mg doses, so better for smaller dogs
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Artificial ingredients
  • Low dose so larger dogs will probably need more than one to be effective
  • Only one flavor

Best CBD Dog Treats – Buying Guide

To find the best CBD dog treats, we looked at the following features:

  • Versatility/different formulas for specific conditions
  • Dosage
  • Extraction method
  • Spectrum
  • Price

The Benefits of and Uses for CBD for Dogs

Before we review a few actual brands of treats, let’s take a look at why you might want to use CBD for your pets in the first place. There are a few medical and mental conditions that can be treated (in part) with CBD oil, as well as benefits for their overall health.

Joint Pain and Inflammation

One of the most common uses for CBD in dogs is for joint pain. Larger breeds of dogs, particularly Labradors and shepherds, are very susceptible to experiencing joint pain, osteoarthritis, and other conditions that affect their mobility as they age. There isn’t much worse for a dog lover than to see their once-playful little pup slow down because of pain and age.

Many of these conditions involve inflammation, and CBD oil has also been proven to be effective for reducing inflammation (in dogs as well as humans and other animals). Therefore, CBD oil works on these conditions in two different ways: first as an anti-inflammatory, and second as a pain reducer.


The benefits of medicinal marijuana have long been touted for cancer patients. Now, CBD oil allows us to access them for dogs too. In general, the proven impacts of CBD for cancer treatment are the pain-reducing benefits. But CBD oil has also been shown to have other uses in cancer treatment, such as helping dogs deal with medications and increasing their appetites.

Not only can CBD oil help with those aspects of cancer treatment, but there is also evidence that it might slow the growth and spread of the cancer cells themselves. This has not been definitively proven, but it is a hopeful possibility for prolonging the lives of our four-legged best friends.

Anxiety and Stress

Dogs experience mental distress just the same as humans. But unfortunately, we can’t reason or explain things to our dogs in order to ease their anguish. That’s where CBD oil can be helpful.

Traditionally, veterinarians have prescribed antidepressants to treat doggie anxiety, such as fluoxetine (Prozac) and clomipramine (Anafranil). But more and more, they’re starting to recommend CBD oil instead. CBD oil seems to be effective for a variety of different displays of dog anxiety, including destructiveness, separation anxiety, self-harm (compulsive licking or scratching), and whining and hiding.

What If My Dog Doesn’t Suffer From Any of These Conditions?

That’s okay; your dogs can still benefit from CBD treats even if they don’t have a specific medical reason. As we said above, new benefits of CBD oil are being discovered all the time, and there appear to be very few negative effects. Incorporating one of the best CBD dog treats into your dog’s diet can be a great way to boost their overall health and perhaps prevent other issues from developing later.

How to Dose CBD for Your Dog


As you may suspect, you can’t give your dog CBD treats as freely as you may with other types of treats. You need to control how much CBD they’re getting to make sure that they get the maximum benefits without dosing too much.

There are two main factors to take into consideration when determining how much CBD to give your dog: their size and their particular needs (pain, anxiety, et cetera).

First, let’s cover weight. As a rule of thumb, give about 1mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, this ratio starts to taper off the heavier you get. For example, a 70-pound dog may be okay with 6mg or even 5mg.

Your dog may need slightly more CBD if they have a lot of pain or anxiety. Admittedly, it can be hard to tell since you obviously can’t ask your dog if they’re experiencing the benefits. But if you’re using it with a specific outcome in mind, just carefully observe your dog’s behaviors. Are they more active and seem to be moving more easily? If so, their pain is probably reduced.

In terms of anxiety, your dog may display it in recognizable ways, such as whining for no apparent reason or hiding in small spaces in your home. Or they might show it in less “normal” ways, such as compulsive licking or destroying your stuff (particularly when you’re not home). If these behaviors reduce, then the CBD dose you have is working.

In addition, you may need to increase your dog’s dose over time. This is especially true if their condition worsens, which unfortunately is very likely to happen with osteoarthritis and other joint problems. If you’re just using it to promote overall health, though, a standard dose (using the 1mg to 10 pounds ratio) should be sufficient for a long time.

To be safe, you might also want to consult your veterinarian or a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about using CBD for dogs. You especially want to do this to avoid any potential interferences or reactions if your dog takes any other medications.

Are CBD Dog Treats Legal?

Great question! The legality of CBD oil is complicated, to say the least. More and more states have been loosening restrictions on hemp, marijuana, and all related products, though it isn’t technically legal at the federal level.

Suffice it to say, though, that you don’t have to worry about it for these purposes. Federal agents aren’t really interested in breaking down your door to take your dog treats. They haven’t even shut down the manufacturers.

In order to learn the specifics of how local, state, and federal statutes applying to CBD oil impact you, you’ll need to visit government websites or speak with a local lawyer.

And lastly, one very important thing to note: CBD is not the same thing as marijuana, so when you look into regulations, make sure that you specify CBD and not regular weed.

What Will My Vet Say?

That really depends on your veterinarian. More and more, though, vets are beginning to realize the potential benefits of natural remedies, including CBD, in treating all kinds of canine conditions. The American Veterinary Medical Association has articles about the use of CBD oil on its website. Some professional veterinary organizations have even begun to offer continuing education courses for vets on using CBD (and other cannabinoids) for animals.

The best thing you can do is have an open and honest discussion about CBD oil with your vet. There is always the possibility that they will strongly oppose the idea for whatever reason. If that happens, consider a consultation with a different dog doctor. Remember, it’s your pet and you’re ultimately responsible for its care.

Can I Make My Own CBD Dog Treats?

You can, but be cautious: it is very hard to dose CBD accurately when you make it at home. What’s more, you’ll still need to buy the actual CBD oil, since extracting it from the plant is a complicated process that is probably too involved to do on your own. You’re better off buying it from one of the companies listed above.


If you’ve read through the article to this point, chances are good that you’re more than a little interested in using CBD oil to improve your dog’s health and quality of life. If you’re still unsure about the payoffs versus risks, talk to your vet (or a vet).

Otherwise, use our guide above to decide which are the best CBD dog treats for your precious four-legged best friend!