Clarisil PRO Review: Real Hearing Remedy or Scam Supplement?

Clarisil Pro is a hearing loss counteractive formula. According to the official website, the all-natural formula is based on extra-pure and potent herbs and plant extracts that the Navajo tribes have used for centuries. The formula is claimed to be a product of a groundbreaking study involving the revered ECL Ear Institute in the United Kingdom’s scientists. They have to spend time researching the Navajo therapy and other natural plant extracts that could aid restore hearing loss. Robert Beiler, the brain behind the product, says that he had suffered virtual hearing loss for months, and the Navajo formula came to his aid. Created by a man known as Robert Beiler with his father’s help.

Have you ever blocked your ears for a minute while a vital message was being passed across? Did you grasp the content, or nothing reached your eardrums? That’s a hint of the problems people with hearing problems deal with on an everyday basis. Hearing loss has a direct negative impact on your work life, mental health, and social life.

Hearing loss is triggered by varying external and internal factors, the most common one being hair cell damage. Whatever the cause, when this unfortunate incident knocks on your doors, finding a lasting solution becomes an everyday mission. Having undergone the worst experience after he suffered the same fate, Robert Beiler didn’t just relax and wait for a miracle to bring his hearing back.

He set out on a mission to discover a holistic and natural solution. And out of his many months of research on natural and safe ingredients that could offer permanent solutions to most hearing loss problems, Clarisil Pro was born.

How Does Clarisil Pro Work?

Our ears are made up of multiple cells that work together to ensure flawless sound perception. Known as hair cells, their work is to magnify sound waves and support efficient auditory information transmission to our brains. These cells are prone to damage, and they rarely regenerate. As one age, they tend to lose more of these cells to natural destruction, which increases the odds of the affected patient going deaf.

Fortunately, medical studies have proven that these cells can actually regrow. The regeneration needs a push by certain natural plant extracts and herbs. The Clarisil Pro capsules offer a full dosage of these ingredients and the Navajo therapy to aid speed up hearing loss restoration.

Clarisil Pro Core Ingredients


Clarisil Pro comprises veg capsules manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that observes all safety and purity regulations. It blends carefully selected high-grade natural ingredients that have shown strong properties when remedying hearing loss problems. The ingredients in this well-accepted and trending hearing loss treatment formula include:

Mucuna Pruriens: Mucuna Pruriens are well-known plants with a deep-rooted reputation in folk medicine. They are made up of fruits containing high L-dopa levels, and a potent substance claimed to support mental performance, dopamine production, and optimal focus. They are said to relieve stress and shield the brain. In this context, they serve the indistinguishable role of stimulating the regrowth of hair cells to restore hair loss and improve the performance of the user’s ears.

Hawthorn: Hawthorn has impressive healing properties. This has made them the favorites in most natural curative therapies and supplements. The extracts from hawthorn have long been used to aid with vessel and heart issues. That’s because they normalize heart rhythm, support excellent blood flow, and support the smooth delivery of oxygen to different body tissues and organs. The extracts are also said to have superior diuretic, antibacterial, sedating, and antioxidant properties.

L-theanine: L-theanine comprises superb levels of amino acids that have been shown to support the regrowth of hair cells. These plant extracts generate neurotransmitters, so they have a soothing effect, sleep-inducing abilities, and anxiety-relieving properties.

Skullcap and Griffonia Simplicifoli: These are potent plant extracts with great health benefits. One of these plant extracts helps repair and support the growth of healthy ear cells.

Along with the other 25 ingredients present in Clarisil Pro, including minerals, plant extracts, and essential vitamins, these herbal extracts can speed up the hearing loss treatment experience. The formula has shown to be more effective than the original Navajo recipe since it blends the highest quality and exclusively selected ingredients that perform a precious job of remedying most types of hearing losses.

Who Can Use Clarisil Pro?

Clarisil Pro has ingredients and an exclusive formula ideal for addressing a range of hearing loss problems. Check out the list of people who can benefit from using this plant extract-packed, and safe hearing loss supplement as per client reviews:

  • Older and young people above 20 years who struggle to hear and understand speech when someone else from a normal level talks
  • Older people experiencing problems hearing speeches and messages spoken by people at regular locations.
  • Older people only hear loud sounds when someone speaks from a close distance.

Men and women with mild hearing loss. In this case, patients only hear the sounds when the speech is communicated from a close distance or in a high tone.

Young and older men and women are experiencing profound hearing loss. The supplement could help users remedy condition if you do not hear sounds even when spoken at a close distance in high tones.

Consumer Experiences from Using Clarisil Pro

Clarisil Pro is not a newcomer in the wellness and health industry. It has been around for some time, and hundreds of consumers have had a taste of its powerful and pure formula. Confused on whether to buy the supplement or not, here are some customer experiences to guide your decision.

Some consumers say they have experienced a permanent remedy to their auditory system problem after taking this supplement. Most of these customers claimed to have used the supplement for approximately two months before achieving their craved results.

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Most customers who had visited their otolaryngologists severally to no avail claimed to have witnessed a positive change after they used this supplement. After some weeks of taking Clarisil Pro, most of them say that they visited their ear specialists, who confirmed that their once-damaged hair cells were now regrown.

Robert Beiler, the brain behind Clarisil Pro, claims that the supplement truly works to restore different types of hair loss problems. He confirmed it after it restored his ears. He also did thorough research on the ingredients he used to be sure they had the power to activate the regrowth of hair cells.

The supplement also boosts your mental and physical health. You’re not just restoring your lost hearing capabilities but also improving your mental concentration and performance in the process.

The ingredients used are safe and pure. Out of the many consumers who have had a taste of this supplement, only a few complained of mild side effects.

Clarisil Pro uses the widely known Navajo formula that has been in use for thousands of years to treat ear problems.

Clarisil Pro Core Features

Clarisil Pro has a distinctive range of features that have made it stand out from similar supplements, which include:

  • 100% natural and safe formula
  • Science-backed and recommended by renowned health experts
  • Exclusively selected high-grade ingredients that are naturally sourced
  • A long-established formula that has been used for decades by the Navajo tribes
  • An adaptive and versatile formula that fits into everyone’s lifestyle and diet
  • Proven efficiency and potency in providing long-term ear loss restoration results
  • A formula based on a real-life experience
  • Veg pills that are easy to swallow
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Clarisil Pro Dosage and Pricing

Clarisil Pro hear loss remedy comes in the format of veg pills that are safe and easy to swallow. Robert has not given detailed information on how different people should consume the pills. However, as per the customer reviews and manufacturer details, the 30-pill bottle is a month’s dosage, so you should take a pill every day. You can swallow the pill in the morning or the afternoon with a glass of water.

The pricing is entirely within the average buyer’s budget. A bottle or 30-day dosage goes for $69. This package requires you to pay for the shipping cost. A three months dosage which includes three bottles goes for $59 a piece. This package comes with free handling and shipping. A 6 months dosage consisting of six bottles is sold at $49 apiece, plus free shipping and handling. Whichever package you choose, you’re protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Clarisil Pro: Is It A Worthy Purchase?

The wellness and health industry has never been in shortage of premium products for relieving and treating hearing loss problems. In recent years, most hearing loss product manufacturers have focused their energy and finances on creating all-natural products that meet high purity and efficiency levels.

Out of the thousands of natural ear loss supplements, you can’t miss a premium quality product that works best with your body system and doesn’t trigger extreme side effects. To learn more about Clarisil Pro, be sure to visit the official website.

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