Dr. Goodrow Indoor Garden Reviews – Home Aerogarden System?

Dr. Goodrow is a planting kit that allows users to support plants’ growth from seed without any soil or outdoor exposure. This planter is a great project for individuals that wish they had a green thumb but don’t.

What is Dr. Goodrow?

Having a garden can be an enormous responsibility, considering how many people neglect them when they need it most. A good garden has constant nurturing from the gardener, but what happens when that person has to go on a trip away or even a vacation? Asking someone unfamiliar with these plants to handle everything can be a major risk, but a new planter called Dr. Goodrow could be exactly what the user needs.

Dr. Goodrow Works independently, providing seeds with both moisture and light to help them grow. Because of the controlled climate, there’s no risk that these plants will dry out and die, which is especially helpful for individuals who need to be away from their homes for days at a time. It eliminates the need to spend money on someone who will simply water the plants to your specifications. Furthermore, since everything works independently, there is very little that the gardener will have to do at all.

No matter what time of year it is, growing any fruit, vegetable, flower, or other plants can be done in any season. With no soil to worry about, it is also quite clean and simple to use.

How Does Dr. Goodrow Help?

Dr. Goodrow is considered to be an “aero-garden,” which means that it can work indoors to regulate its own optimal climate completely. Though it is compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter, it is also spacious enough to fit up to 10 different plants at the time. Users don’t have to find a way to position it near a window because it will continue to grow in any light. It is the least amount of maintenance that someone can do for their budding seeds.

Due to the ideal climate created within the planter, seeds tend to grow exponentially faster than simply resting in the soil. In fact, the creators claim that the seeds that are planted will experience up to 30% faster growth.

As the seeds flourish, the planter features a timer that lasts for 16 hours to mimic the sun’s natural rise and fall throughout the day. When that 16-hour cycle is over, an 8-hour cycle will begin. Plus, users don’t even need to remember when they need to refill the water because the device has an alarm to alert them.

Using Dr. Goodrow

Setting up the Dr. Goodrow planter is easily the most fun part of this experience. Follow the directions to show how much water and plant food should go into the garden first. Then, the user will be assembling the growth baskets. The user will push the seeds into each sponge before putting them in the basket to prepare them. The garden has a specific spot for these baskets.

Once the user has labeled their seeds (if necessary), they only have to activate the system to start the growth process.

Purchasing Dr. Goodrow

Found exclusively online, users that want to see what Dr. Goodrow can do will simply have to order a planter themselves. The official website has several packages available, depending on how many of the planting kits users want to have at once.

Choose from:

If the user finds that this planter does not help them in the way they anticipated, they can request a refund from the company by contacting customer service with 30 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Goodrow

What is the best place to set up Dr. Goodrow?

The planter can be placed anywhere that is flat and even to properly distribute moisture to the seeds. Once the seeds sprout, gardeners can move them into a typical planter for more space. While the seeds are still inside the planter, no extra sunlight is needed.

How does the planter work?

Designed to operate indoors, the Dr. Goodrow planter creates an ideal atmosphere and environment to grows plants from seeds without soil. The seeds grow within a damp sponge, receiving its artificial sunlight from the included LED light.

Does the Dr. Goodrow planter use batteries?

No. The planter must be plugged into any standard outlet to power it.

Can this planter be purchased in stores?

The company has not given the authority to any third-party seller to distribute the Dr. Goodrow planter.

What plants can consumers grow in this device?

Users don’t seem to be restricted in the types of plants they can grow with this device. A growing kit is provided with the purchase, allowing users to learn about the typical plants that can be grown in this device.

What is the best light source for growth in this planter?

The planter is equipped with LED lighting that uses minimal electricity to keep it running. It may continue running for years before it ever needs to be changed.

How frequently should the sponges be changed out?

The sponges can only be used one time. They will need to be changed out each time they are used.

What is the maximum number of plants that can be grown within this device at one time?

At the most, consumers can grow up to 10 plants at a time.

How fast will the plants grow?

Though the seeds will germinate much faster than if the user planted them in soil, the seeds’ rate will vary with the type it is. The guidebook that comes with this planter will explain the cultivation cycles of multiple types of seeds.

To get ahold of the customer service team, call 855-378-9408.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Goodrow helps users to grow a garden, regardless of their skill level or time. Most of the processes in this device are automated for them to grow plants from their seeds, which means that no one has to worry about losing their plants when they are away. Users can easily set up this planter within a few minutes with any plant that they want. A full guidebook is provided with this purchase to make sure that users fully understand what to expect. To learn more about the Dr. Goodrow Indoor Grow Garden or to purchase, head to the official website.