Feetox Reviews – Effective Stick-On Foot Patch Detox Remedy?


Feetox is an easy-to-apply, 100 % Wormwood extract detoxification remedy that helps consumers to improve their immunity by pulling toxins out of the body that would otherwise worsen immunity. The patches are placed on the feet, with no other medications needed.

What is Feetox?

The immune system gets put through a lot of work, both defending the body from becoming ill and supporting it through the healing process. There are many reasons that toxins can build up within the body over time, including lifestyle choices and genetic concerns. Though these toxins can collect within the gut and the liver, much of the reason for the issues can be traced back to the circulatory system, which has to transport nutrients and remove waste.

The body can typically purge some of these toxins on its own, but the use of natural detox flushes and other remedies has proved to be rather successful in ridding the body of harmful organisms. Unfortunately, most of these home remedies are not appetizing in the slightest. A new product called Feetox aims to take out the toxins from a much different place – the feet. Uses receive a patch that goes along the bottom of their foot, sticking to the skin with a simple adhesive that is already on the surface.

The reason that this patch is so effective is due to the use of wormwood extract, which is an herb that is incredibly effective in detoxification. It is often used as its own detox ingredient, but the use of the foot patches helps with blood circulation as the toxins fade away. Per MedicalNews Today, “wormwood is the main ingredient in many parasite cleansing products, and it contains powerful antioxidants and other helpful compounds. A recent study in the Journal of Helminthology showed that wormwood reduced dwarf tapeworm levels in a similar way as a leading antiparasitic medication in animal studies.”

Other benefits will include an enhanced boost to the immune system, better digestion, and even better sleep. More importantly, the improvement in circulation improves the health of the muscles, tendons, and joints.


How Do Users Apply Feetox?

The best part about the Feetox remedy is how easy is it to use. The bottoms of the feet should be clean to ensure that the adhesive sticks proper.

Once the feet are clean, remove the film from the patch to reveal the adhesive. The patch should be placed right along the center of the foot’s sole, though users will need to press and hold it on the skin for about 10 seconds to ensure it stays in place.

The creators recommend leaving Feetox on the feet overnight. However, users may notice that the patches take up to a month of use before showing changes.

Ordering Feetox

The total cost of Feetox will depend on how many patches that the user wants to have on hand for regular detox treatments.

The packages offered online include:

  • A package of 10 patches for $24.99
  • Three packages (30 patches) for $39.99
  • Six packages (60 patches) for $74.99

If users need to return the product or have any other questions, they can get reach customer service by calling 855-964-6008 or sending an email to support@feetoxshop.com.


Final Thoughts on Feetox

Feetox is meant for anyone that wants to change how effective their circulatory system is and how strong their immunity can be, when poor circulation occurs, it can cause toxins and fluids to build up, resulting in a dysfunctional metabolism and weaker immune system. Users will have the chance to use this remedy on a nightly basis (if they so choose), though they may not see a complete change for the first month or so. Still, by eliminating toxins, users will likely see great improvements in their digestive system and other functions of the body as well.