MyTrax Tracker Reviews – Legit Smart Watch Fitness Activity Band

MyTrax Tracker Reviews – Legit Smart Watch Fitness Activity Band

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The MyTrax Tracker is a fitness smartwatch that keeps a record of heart rate, blood pressure, and other health and fitness details. Created as wearable technology, this Bluetooth device can be used with an Android or an iOS phone. It also features an alarm to remind individuals to take medications and track their steps each day.

What is the MyTrax Tracker?

The world of wearable smart technology has grown substantially over the last decade, but these fitness pieces have become substantially more affordable as it has become more familiar. While there are smartwatches worth hundreds of dollars for the sake of checking heart rate during cardio, more affordable options like the MyTrax Tracker are easier on the budget with many of the same bells and whistles.

The MyTrax Tracker provides a clear reading that shows the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, and other important health data while working out. Seniors seem to be the targeted audience (since many of the health tracking sources have to do with heart concerns), but anyone can benefit. Understanding what goes on in the body gives users a major advantage, taking worrisome information to the doctor for more clarity.

According to the official website, one of the distinct advantages of this MyTrax Tracker is the reminders. With the device, users can set a reminder alarm to ensure that they take their medication, check their blood pressure, and protect themselves from illness. Plus, the device wirelessly connects to their smartphone to provide them with notifications without taking their phone from their pocket. MyTrax Tracker allows you to check incoming calls and see message notifications without using the phone, so users do not need to stop their activities.

Users who link up to this phone will have the added benefit of checking their sleep quality. The device will track the user’s sleep patterns, showing them more information about their quality to better plan their health.

MyTrax Tracker Features

  • Monitor sleep patterns
  • Keep track of steps taken.
  • Monitors blood pressure and heart rate in real-time
  • Reminder alerts
  • Tracks vital signs
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Share health progress with a doctor and family members
  • Bluetooth compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Records jogging distance
  • Keeps track of the number of calories burned.
  • Alarm clock
  • Controls the volume of music and the phones camera functions

Purchasing the MyTrax Tracker

Available with a 50% discount, consumers can currently purchase the MyTrax Tracker in one of the following packages:

If the user is not happy with tracking their health data with MyTrax, they can ask for a refund within the first 30 days after the purchase was made. For additional information, the customer service team can be reached with a phone call (855-487-6753) or an email (support@shopmytrax.com).

Frequently Asked Questions About the MyTrax Tracker

Is MyTrax Tracker a fitness device or a smartwatch?

This tracker combines both wearable technologies’ functions, providing all of the benefits of connecting to a smartphone and collecting biometric data.

What smartphones are compatible with the MyTrax Tracker?

Users can connect either an Apple iOS device or an Android system. However, users will need Bluetooth access to set it up.

How do users control the MyTrax Tracker?

The face of the smartwatch offers a touchscreen to help users view all of the recorded data.

Will the MyTrax Tracker work when it is away from the smartphone that it is linked to?

Yes. However, if the user wants to answer calls or receive text notifications, they will need to close enough range to pick up the Bluetooth connection.

Are there other color options available?

Users can presently choose from blue or red bands on the checkout portion of the website.

Final Thoughts

The MyTrax Tracker is affordable, easy to use, and compatible with many smartphone systems. With regular wear, users will learn more about their health to make a difference in their fitness or heart condition. With the addition of sleep data, users may get to the root of their tiredness to rest easier each night. Click here to learn more or purchase a MyTrax Tracker.