Quit Sugar Summit Reviews: World’s Largest Sugar Summit 2021

Quit Sugar Summit Reviews: World’s Largest Sugar Summit 2021

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The Quit Sugar Summit is a program that teaches individuals the importance of restricting sweets and managing a healthy diet. The Quit Sugar Summit event will be hosted by World-renowned scientists, Coaches, Chefs, Therapists, MD’s Ph.D.’s, Addiction Experts, Investigative Journalists that come together from all over the world twice a year to help move life forward beginning on the 11th thru the 17th of January 2021. To attend the Quit Sugar Summit readers can register on the official website to get the latest updates before the event happens.

What is the Quit Sugar Summit?

Some people say that sugar is more addictive than any drug out there. After all, it is the most accessible and legal addictive substance in the world today. Companies build entire profits from it, and it is hard to find a single gas station that doesn’t have a sugary snack next to the cash register. As effective as a marketing strategy as this may be, people struggle with weight gain, diabetes, and many other issues resulting from this addiction.

As the New Year starts, the most popular resolution that consumers make is losing weight and becoming healthier; part of that weight loss involves breaking the bad habits they used to have. By taking part in The Quit Sugar Summit, breaking those habits becomes much easier.

The Quit Sugar Summit will be held from January 11th to the 17th, allowing users to take the next 7 days to learn more about what they need to do to adjust how they consume sugar. The program includes many speakers, including addiction experts, journalists, therapists, and even chefs. They all get together twice annually to help consumers gain more information about what they can do to fix this addiction.

Consuming too much sugar can have a drastically damaging effect on the immune system, leading to a greater risk of illness. Improving how users consume sugar can make a difference, but the Summit takes it one step further – they help users quit altogether. Even the information that the last 12 months have brought numerous possibilities to consumers that want to restore their health, reverse diabetes, and lose weight without sugar as a part of their daily routine.

The Quit Sugar Summit’s work has taken the creators six years to compile, providing a lineup that they claim to be the best they’ve put together. As users watch the videos, they will have about 24 hours after they are released to watch it. Users don’t have to watch the videos live, making it easier to work around their own schedules.

The Speakers of the Quit Sugar Summit

As stated above, many professionals will contribute information about what methods can be used to cut back on sugar and improve their health. Some of the speakers include:

Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor at the University of California in San Francisco

Judy Collins, an American folk singer

Gary Taubes, the author of Why We Get Fat and The Case Against Sugar

Dr. James Muecke, the chairman of Sight for All

Dr. Gary Fettke, an orthopedic surgeon who advocates against carb intake

Dr. Nicole Avena, a neuroscientist that specializes in nutrition and addiction.

Dr. David Unwin, an expert advisor on diabetes

Molly Carmel, the author of Breaking Up with Sugar

Maria Emerich, a nutritionist that focuses on the keto diet and

Overall, during this summit, consumers will hear contributions from at least 54 speakers, and all of them are listed on the official website for the event.

Consumers will also hear from individuals who have spoken at previous events, like Sarah Wilson (the I Quit Sugar movement and cookbooks) and Dr. Shawn Baker (an orthopedic surgeon and author of diet books).

To hear these speakers, most consumers would have to pay hundreds of dollars for each event. However, the Quit Sugar Summit is free to all, and there’s no money they will have to contribute to the speakers.

Attending the Quit Sugar Summit

To attend the Quit Sugar Summit with Michael Collins and Danielle Daem as hosts, users must register online. The registration costs nothing, and users will automatically get emails about each of the events as the videos are released.

Learning More About the Quit Sugar Summit

The best way to understand what the Quit Sugar Summit can offer is to start with their registration. However, if they want to speak with the customer service team directly, send an email to michael@sugaraddiction.com.

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