Slim Dream Shake Review: Real Weight Loss Drink Ingredients?

Advertised as a delicious powder to add to your smoothies, Slim Dream Shake is claimed to help you achieve the ideal figure in no time because it consists of only natural ingredients that assist the body in losing weight. Apart from its special flavor, what people appreciate the most about this shake is that it’s entirely vegan and, best of all, very easy to prepare in just 15 seconds.

How to Prepare the Slim Dream Shake?

150ml of water is what you’ll need first to make a very simple concoction. Put this water into a small bowl and add 10 grams of the Small Dream Shake powder (approximately 2 teaspoons). Mix everything and drink. It’s that easy. Allow the mixture to rest for about 2 minutes if you prefer your cocktail to have a more smoothie-like texture.

If you’re bored, then Slim Dream Shake can serve as a snack. Fruits and cocoa milk are 2 suggestions for ingredients you could add to it if you want to give it a twist. If you would like to try a more fun recipe, have these ingredients ready:

  • Slim Dream Shake (2 teaspoons)
  • 150 ml coconut water
  • Kiwifruit
  • Lime juice
  • Mint leaves

Combine all these to create a fresh slimming down shake.


Can Everyone Consume the Slim Dream Shake?

Are you expecting a child or perhaps breastfeeding and thinking about adding Slim Dream Shake to your diet? Then there is no need to be concerned. This smoothie is suitable for absolutely everyone, including those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant. Its manufacturers recommend you drink one mix that contains 2 teaspoons of it every day. From one Slim Dream Shake pack, you can make around 20 smoothies. And each one has only 25 calories! This shake powder works for both those who love exercising and those who don’t like being physically active too much. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to eat healthfully or not, Slim Dream Shake will boost your metabolism and speed up the fat-burning process! It’s still the best idea to eat a nutritious, regular diet and get some exercise now and then. However, such a lifestyle is not suitable for everyone.

Slim Dream Shake Ingredients

Slim Dream Shake is said to work when it comes to weight loss because it contains the following ingredients:

Apple Fiber

The fiber found in apples supports the weight loss process. People who consume high-fiber fruits such as apples and pears lose more weight than anyone who eats potatoes and peas, says a study. Fiber, according to scientists, leaves you feeling satiated, so you don’t overeat. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut, resulting in improved intestinal health.

Bitter Orange Extract

Synephrine, a stimulant related to ephedrine, is present at high amounts in this ingredient. When the FDA prohibited the usage of ephedra in weight-loss drugs, marketers turned to Bitter Orange, which has been shown to help people lose weight. However, patients with elevated blood pressure, cardiac defects, or other critical health conditions should not consume Bitter Orange, says the FDA.


Taking a blackcurrant supplement will help burn as much fat as exercising regularly for over 4 weeks because there is both insoluble and soluble fiber in blackcurrants. The first reduces the rate at which glucose and other nutrients are released into your bloodstream, whereas the latter leaves you feeling full for a longer time after meals.


Chokeberry, also known as Aronia berry, is well-known for its ability to help lose weight. Its extract was shown to reduce blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels. It also contains a lot of fiber.

The high concentrations of these active ingredients control bowel processes, boost the metabolism, decrease harmful cholesterol levels, and suppress appetite. The Bitter Orange Extract causes thermogenesis. It speeds up your metabolism and gives your body an energy boost that can also be used to burn fat. During physical exercise, similar results are obtained.

Why Are Shakes the Hype Lately?

Slimming shakes are popular because they are high in the nutritional content your body requires to stay healthy. For some people, a smoothie or slimming shake is the best weight-loss ally. This is because there isn’t anything to plan when making it, not to mention cleaning up after preparation is easy. To make a smoothie, you’ll need only a few ingredients and not too much time to prepare. After you’re done mixing your ingredients, you’ll get a filling shake to keep your belly satisfied. Many depend on slimming shakes to avoid the fast-food lure. You will save yourself from consuming added sugar and carbs by making something tasty with only your mixer and favorite ingredients. This is very beneficial for your health and a great alternative to snacks, especially if you don’t have too much time on your hands.

Is It Important to Include Shakes in the Diet?

The best weight loss shakes are said to work on their own, just like Slim Dream Shake claims too. If you want to get the most out of their benefits, pair them with nutritious snacks to complete a meal. In doing so, you provide the body with all the nutrients it needs during the day. Shakes are usually powdered so that they can be mixed with water or other liquids you have at home. Most of the time, they are consumed by people looking to lose weight or sustain a healthy body. Many of those who want to become slimmer replace their regular meal with a weight-loss shake to reduce their calorie consumption. Shakes will always make you feel full by regulating your blood glucose levels and supplying fiber with protein to your body. As a result, you completely stop overeating. If you want to see results, make Slim Dream Shake a regular snack, the product’s manufacturers say. Slimming shakes are also great for those who are busy because they can be made in the morning, grabbed, and consumed while on the go. They save a lot of time that would have been spent preparing a snack or looking for it in the store.

Moreover, instead of eating fast food when in a rush, you should rely on something quick and healthy. Besides, smoothies are nutritionally superior to vending machine snacks. As previously mentioned, shakes like Slim Dream Shake are high in fiber and protein, which also reduce the production of hormones that cause food cravings. Fiber goes slowly through the digestive system, leaving you feeling full for an extended period.

Buying Slim Dream Shake

To place an order for Slim Dream Shake, visit the product’s official website. Choose your package, pay, and get Slim Dream Shake sent to your home in 3-5 business days. Let’s see how much it costs you to get one of the Slim Dream Shake packages, which are 3 from which to pick, as it follows:

Start Program

This option is the best if you don’t want to invest much and just see what this shake is all about. For $45, you get a box of slimming shakes that will last you 20 days. This is the most decent program to start your Slim Dream Shake journey. You can decide if the flavor is to your taste, and your body responds to the ingredients in the smoothie by starting to become slimmer.

Weight Loss

Out of all the available packages, this has been the most popular, says the Slim Dream Shake official website. What’s the reason for this? You would be able to thoroughly appreciate and experience the advantages of this smoothie, as you get 2 packs and a 3rd one for FREE, so a total of 3 packs that will last for 3 months. Instead of paying $135 for this package, you will just have to pay $90, seeing there are special discounts applied for Slim Dream Shake at the moment.

Slim You

There are 3 packs in this bundle, but the manufacturers have thrown in 3 more for FREE, giving you a total of six. This will set you back just $120, down from $270, the original price. This option also comes with FREE shipping.

Plus, the Detox Dream Shake at a Discounted Price!

You can add an extra product to your order if you want to improve your slimming efforts. For just $30, you can get the Detox Dream Shake, which will assist your body in eliminating toxins.

The products you order will be packaged discreetly and mailed to the address you provided. A notification of the arrival date will be sent so that you can be confident you will get your order.


Slim Dream Shake Warranty and Returns

Products that are damaged or faulty must be shipped to the company’s address with a “return” annotation. Within 14 business days after receiving a guarantee report, any Slim Dream Shake pack is inspected. Any defective pack is replaced with another one. If a swap is not possible, the manufacturer can also refund the customer for the product’s price and shipping costs. Any warranty claim, question, or inquiry about Slim Dream Shake can be sent to: info@slimdreamshake.com

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