Vibration Leap Review: Is It Worth the Money or Fake Program

Would you believe us if we said that the universe encompasses 12 different dimensions of space, most of which are invisible to us? That’s right; the list doesn’t stop at the typical three or four. It is believed that these unseen dimensions entail both positive and negative energies that find their way to us. Also referred to as “dark entities,” negative energies tend to lead to physical illnesses, stress, trauma, and other hindrances that merely weaken people.

If you were wondering why it is that you’ve had a streak of bad events take form, it might be the doings of dark entities. The main question that individuals should ask themselves is whether there is a way to attract positive energy. Well, the answer to that rests in something called “energy nexuses,” and more on its effects can be gathered from the Vibration Leap. Through this guide, individuals will have attained a preview into energy systems and how Vibration Leap can lighten one’s burden. Let’s get started with the intentions behind Vibration Leap:

What is the Vibration Leap?

The Vibration Leap is a program that allows everyone to open their respective channels, possibly paving a path towards a life filled with riches, lifestyle, career, and romance. As suggested on the sales page, this program is “the perfect combination” of theory and practical applications that help to narrow down the exact nexuses requiring rescuing. With this foundational knowledge, consumers must take a moment to reflect on how the Vibration Leap might contribute towards wellness.


How has the Vibration Leap been structured?

Earlier, we introduced this notion of energy nexuses, which are nothing more than energy portals within the human energetic field. Each one represents a vortex through which cosmic energy enters and exits the body. The existence of dark entities implies a barricade within the nexuses, preventing good energy from coming through.

The Vibration Leap has been structured in such a way that protects individuals from dark entities. As a result, one might be able to unlock unique gifts, discover a career that reflects their passion, live a healthy and prosperous life, and maybe even meet the supposed life partner people tend to be on a search for.

As for the specifics of this program, they include:

How to get started with the Vibration Leap?

With just about any soul-searching process, a quiet place will be needed. This can be anywhere, as long as it can free individuals and allow them to be their true selves. Then, it is as simple as listening to the Vibration Leap audios. The first audio called, “Entity Removal Past Lives Volume 1,” is said to uncover and release dark entities. In contrast, the second audio called, “Entity Removal People and Places Volume 2,” aims to eliminate blockages in the nexuses. The best thing about this entire journey is that each of these audios requires as little as 10 minutes a day for optimal results.

There significant components of the Vibration Leap System go as follows:

Entity Removal Collective Consciousness Volume 3

The third audio in this series aims to disconnect individuals from harmful energies while finding means of connecting the soul to the positive types. The latter cannot be stressed enough, as energetic fields tend to possess both good and bad types.

Entity Removal People Around You Volume 4

The same way different energy types may latch onto a person, people do too. Some people may embody positive energy, while others may purely drain a person of their own, preventing one from living the best life. Whether these people are parents, siblings, acquaintances, or enemies, this fourth audio has been compiled to remove these attachments.

Energy Nexus #1: Your Survival Center

The survival center, also referred to as the Root Nexus, is primarily associated with the physical body and is the main nexus that grounds people. Taking everything into account, the Vibration Leap may restore this energy nexus by liberating one from patterns of the past and developing healthy ones. In addition, it may connect them to feelings of safety and security.

Energy Nexus #2: Your Happiness Center

The happiness center also referred to as the Sacral Nexus, is one’s source of creativity, sexuality, and strong emotions. Imbalances supposedly stem from low Sacral Nexus levels, and so, the Vibration Leap is believed to balance and fuel it with necessary energy. As a result, not only will creativity levels reach new heights, but so will feelings of joy and happiness.

Energy Nexus #3: Becoming a Powerful Creator

Up next, we have the powerful creator, or the Solar Plexus, which either allows or prevents one from manifesting their desires. When it is in balance, factors including confidence levels, optimism, and excitement are introduced in one’s life.

Energy Nexus #4: Attract Unconditional Love

Following suit, we have the Heart Nexus, where one’s ability to love is housed. By listening to the Vibration Leap Audio, energies filled with love, happiness, light, hope, and joy are trusted to fuel the soul.

Energy Nexus #5: Express Your Truth

Most people struggle to express their true feelings, and to be able to do so requires balance in the Throat Nexus. As the main source of communication, individuals will need to find means of balancing this nexus to freely and honestly express themselves in total confidence.

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Energy Nexus #6: Unlock Your Natural Intuition

The sixth nexus that requires work is where goals visually take form, leading to their potential existence. This is the point in life where individuals will start to experience successes in their career, romantic lives, and health, to say the least.

Energy Nexus #7: Center of the Divine

Finally, the last stage of the Vibration Leap entails a series of audios that lead individuals to higher states of consciousness. Only when individuals co-create with the universe are they likely to see positive changes in their respective lives.

How much does the Vibration Leap cost?

The entire Vibration Leap program costs USD$37. Once the payment has been processed, customers will also have the Vibration Leap program for life; watch for the email with a downloadable link that will be sent out. From there, a quick click will lead the system to pop up onto one’s screen, and the journey will have commenced. That said, for USD$37, individuals will also gain access to the following four bonuses:

Bonus #1: Energy Nexus Coasters

The creator behind the Energy Nexus Coasters believes that they can help dissolve blockages within one’s nexus. Each one allegedly embodies high vibrational energy that may activate rapid healing. After printing and laminating these coasters, individuals are asked to select a mandala and place a glass of water on top of it. After three minutes, the water should be consumed.

Bonus #2: The Vibration Leap E-Book

The Vibration Leap E-Book aims to provide insight into the major energy nexuses, mental and energetic detoxes, steps to convert negative energies into positive ones, create vibrational energy deep within the body, and essential oils that might achieve desirable balances among unique nexuses.

Bonus #3: Your Financial Blessings

Your Financial Blessings include seven audios developed to help individuals manifest the deepest of desires. For people looking for a quick boost of cash, listening to these audios might help them reach closer to positive energy sources.

Bonus #4: You are Unbreakable

You are Unbreakable is yet another audio compilation that aims to repel any negative energies responsible for keeping individuals low and deteriorating their confidence. It takes 10 minutes per day for utmost energizing effects, especially in times of exhaustion and stress.

Should this system fail to unlock one’s energy channels as expected, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund thanks to a 365-day money-back guarantee in place. It is important to note that results are likely to vary from person to person.

Customers who think the Vibration Leap is not quite what they were looking for can send an email to the company for a refund at:

  • Email: help@vibrationleap.com

Some people might achieve life-changing experiences all at once, while others may only see improvements one at a time. This is the main reason why individuals are recommended to give this system a try for the entire one-year period.


Final Verdict

Ultimately, the Vibration Leap is for any believer of bodily energy channels and vortexes seeking positive sources. In times of despair, certain communities strongly believe that the best solution stems from connecting with the universe. Through this program, individuals will have the fundamental knowledge governing their lives, wellness, and successes. At the time of writing, very little has been expounded on the steps to getting a refund and the person’s qualifications behind this solution. However, based on what we have gathered thus far, the substance should be the least of one’s worries. In fact, we encourage everyone to dig further into this notion of energy channels to understand how positive energies can be attracted fully. To learn more about the Vibration Leap and how it might unleash one’s inner power, visit here>>>.

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