5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most prevalent mental health problems in the United States. They can make it difficult to manage your day-to-day life, with symptoms such as mood swings, feelings of sadness and hopelessness, difficulty concentrating or sleeping.

The best CBD oil for anxiety and depression is made by reputable manufacturers and CBD brands. These oils feature a high concentration of cannabidiol, which is the active ingredient in cannabis oil, shown to reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety. These oils have no psychoactive effects because they don’t contain THC, so you can use them without worrying about getting high.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD is a compound found in cannabis plants that have recently been used as a health and wellness supplement. CBD is different from THC, the cannabinoid best known for its psychoactive effects, which are not medically recommended. While CBD does not have psychoactive properties, it can provide many therapeutic benefits to your physical and mental well-being.

Anxiety: The brain has a complex system for regulating mood centered around serotonin, and CBD may help with anxiety. The medical team at HealthCanal also believes it might work by altering the way receptors react to this chemical in your cells, which can affect mental health.

These receptor proteins are attached to each of our cells and receive messages from chemicals before activating them into different responses or reactions based on what they were sent out to do.

The 600mg dose of CBD helped people with social anxiety give a speech and has been shown to reduce the stress that often accompanies public speaking. Early studies on animals have also found that it can help relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and induce sleep when insomnia is present.

Pain: Inflammation and chronic pain are two of the most difficult types of coexisting conditions to treat. More human studies need to be conducted before scientists can understand how this may affect patients with these complicated illnesses long term.

A recent study in animals showed that CBD applied to the skin could help lower joint-related inflammation and stop neuropathic pain from getting worse. Yet, it provides hope for a possible new therapy or supplement without any side effects like opioids, which often come with lingering addiction issues.

Heart-related Compilation: Recent studies have found that CBD can help lower high blood pressure and increase life quality for those who suffer from it. High blood pressure is associated with several health conditions, including stroke, heart attack, and metabolic syndrome.

Studies show that CBD may be an effective treatment to reduce these risks and lower overall body temperature and alleviate chronic pain symptoms without producing any side effects such as drowsiness or euphoria.

Editor’s Choice

Joy Organics

  • Third-party lab tested
  • Uses USDA Certified Organic hemp
  • THC Free CBD Oil

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression: Top 5 CBD for Sale 2021

  1. Joy Organics – The Exceptional CBD for Anxiety
  2. CBDfx – A Top Notch CBD
  3. Penguin CBD – The Newbie
  4. Spruce CBD – The Affordable CBD
  5. CBDistillery – The Runner-up

1. Joy Organics – The Exceptional CBD for Anxiety



  • Offers full-spectrum CBD products.
  • Supports third-party lab testing.
  • CBD extract contains less than 0.3 THC.
  • Uses full-spectrum hemp source.


  • CBD products may seem a little pricey for their content.
  • Available within the US only.

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Joy Organics CBD offers a wide range of cannabis oils and liquid tinctures with the highest purity levels. It includes their broad-spectrum products, which contain cannabidiol (CBD) derived from industrial hemp sources and plants that have been specially bred to produce high concentrations of CBD without any THC.

Joy’s lab tests are done to guarantee they’re 100% free from THC, so you can be safe knowing your drug test will come back clear. Free shipping is available, making it even easier for everyone who wants access to quality medicine at an affordable price point.

The Joy Organics oils come in various flavors, and each one contains the same extra ingredients, including MCT oil, grape seed oil, peppermint oil, and stevia orange essential oil.

The company recommends taking 1 ml per day as a starting point which means that it lasts for about 30 days. If you have chronic pain or any other condition, investing in the larger bottle could be worth your money since it provides 50 mg of CBD per serving with 25 servings.

Joy Organics products use full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, which allows for a higher quality product. The company uses the latest technology, removing traces of THC and preserving all other cannabinoids that are found in CBD oil. Many such users can enjoy Joy’s high-quality product without worrying about potential legal issues or medical side effects from THC levels.

The CBD oil is THC-free and perfect for those looking to relieve pain without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. The taste you experience will be organic, as it does not contain artificial colors or flavors.

Joy Organics’ products are not only praised for their high quality, but the company also offers top-notch customer service. Joy Organics is so confident in its product that it allows customers to use an entire bottle before asking for a return.

2. CBDfx – A Top-Notch CBD



  • Official discount coupon of 15%
  • Supports third-party lab testing.
  • Offers wide-ranging CBD products.
  • Offers CBD full spectrum tinctures.
  • Gluten and GMO-free
  • THC free CBD products


  • There is limited brand information.

Click here to get the best deal on CBDfx

CBDfx has been a well-known brand in the CBD industry for quite some time. And it’s hard to argue that this company is most popular simply because of their vape pens on offer. But today, we’re not only looking into my experience with one such pen; but more importantly, what I think about all things CBDfx and if you should try them out too!

You can choose from three different concentrations: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500 mg when it comes to essential oils. The 30ml bottles come in a single variety for the lowest concentration, but if you’re unsure which one will work best for your needs, it would be best to start with the weakest concentration.

CBDfx has a long track record of transparency in the industry, going so far as to have independent lab tests and publish them online for all potential customers.

CBDfx is a company that specializes in the production and sale of CBD products. Their commitment to making quality, safe products has been on display since their inception when they began cultivating organic hemp plants while utilizing CO2 extraction methods at every step.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is well known for providing a complete spectrum of benefits than other forms. They offer full-spectrum CBD products with 0% THC, so you can still enjoy the healthful effects without feeling any high or getting addicted! It means that it will help your body in many different ways, rather than just treating one symptom like some medicines do.

3. Penguin CBD – The Newbie



  • Offers free shipping within the US.
  • Uses Non-GMO organic grown hemp seed oil.
  • Their website has educational blogs.


  • Offers limited CBD products.

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A company that has been in existence for two years but seems to be making far greater strides than other CBD brands with a long history. Penguin’s inspiration comes from its namesake animal known for its calmness and ability to glide through the water without any struggle.

CBD oil uses a blend of high-quality, broad-spectrum extracts to provide the user with more benefits and confidence than other products on the market. The Penguin CBD oil comes from Oregon-grown hemp seed oil, guaranteeing that it is US-grown and up to safety standards.

The extract is made from broad-spectrum CBD, ensuring you get all the possible benefits of cannabis. The product does not contain THC in any amount, so it will never affect your mood or mental state due to its ingestion.

CBD oil allows you to choose the strength and flavor of your choice. The common strengths are 250mg, 600mg, 1000mg, 2500 mg; flavors like natural or citrus can be chosen. You will get safe ingredients such as hemp oil, one of the most crucial components in CBD products that also contains terpenes (natural taste) and MCTs for better absorption into our bodies without getting any side effects on it!

4. Spruce CBD – The Affordable CBD



  • Gluten-free.
  • Offers competitive pricing.
  • CBD products have no artificial flavors.


  • Available for online purchase only.
  • No THC-free CBD products.

Click here to get the best deal on Spruce CBD

Spruce is a well-known CBD brand that has been around since before the craze of this miracle product. They offer high-quality, organic plants for extraction and have managed to stay ahead of their competition with these distinct features: family-owned and environmentally friendly (sustainably harvested). Spruce offers an extensive range of products such as oils, capsules, or vaporizers so that you can find something right for your needs.

With Spruce CBD, you can choose from an array of oils with different potencies. The 750 mg of CBD oil is one of the most purchased as it’s the perfect serving size for those who need smaller doses.

The 400 mg of CBD per bottle is an example sample size that can be used by any member of your family or friends, and the 2400mg. The 4800ml extra strength oils are for people that suffer from chronic pain like migraines, arthritis but also if you want more control over overdosing, so they’re worth trying out too!

Spruce CBD oil has gone through rigorous testing to ensure the safety and purity of your products. It includes third-party verification for quality control, a molecular distillation that leaves no traces of heavy metals or other pollutants in the product, lab reports available online so you can cross-check our claims.

5. CBDistillery – The Runner-up



  • Offers Non-GMO products.
  • Third-party lab tested.
  • US Hemp Authority Certified.


  • Customer service is average.

Click here to get the best deal on CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers a big promotional campaign, an easy online shopping experience, and some of the most affordable CBD products on the market. All full spectrum hemp extract is sourced in Colorado, and lab results are accessible through their website’s third-party verification section.

The oil has a natural, earthy taste that some people might not appreciate. The product uses the “push down and twist” mechanism, which is more difficult than other systems I have encountered, but it’s for safety reasons. All in all, this isn’t as bad a system to use if you want an easy-to-operate grinder with security features.

All CBDistillery products are U.S Hemp Authority certified, lab tested for quality assurance, and verified by an independent third party. Batch test results can be found on the company’s website for each product.

Full-spectrum CBD is full of cannabinoids and contains less than 0.3% THC so you get a healthy dose of all the cannabinoids found in the plant. Broad-spectrum CBD contains the CBD compound that has been extracted from plants in the cannabis family along with all other compounds and cannabinoids, except THC. That is to have CBD, CBN, and CBG. Both are the best CBD oils for anxiety, which are suitable for people with more serious health conditions that CBD isolate cannot alleviate, the CBDistillery has just what you need. It also features CBD oil tinctures with varying levels of 500 mg to 5,000 milligrams in addition to minerals, vitamins, MCT oil, plant proteins, and terpenes.

Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: Does it Work?

Insomnia leads to sleep deprivation and harms the human body’s natural rhythms. The hormone cortisol typically peaks in the morning and is at its lowest levels at night. However, people who have insomnia may experience high amounts of stress hormones even when they are sleeping. These individuals show an increased amount of nighttime awakenings compared with those without insomnia because their bodies do not get adequate rest during this period due to elevated cortisol levels that keep them up all through the evening hours.

CBD oils for anxiety may act as a sedative because of their effect on cortisol release. In one study, participants who took 300 mg and 600 mg of CBD per serving saw significantly lower levels of the hormone than those in the placebo group.

As it turns out, CBD oil for sleep has been shown to be more effective than a placebo sleep aid. One study comparing 160 mg of the compound versus 5 milligrams (mg) of nitrazepam and various dosages of both compounds combined with 40 -160 mg doses found that all three conditions were comparable when looking at sleep duration.

CBD oil is a great alternative for people who suffer from anxiety depression. It can reduce stress in animals, and it also has been shown to have positive effects on the physiological symptoms of these individuals with a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that more research be done before CBD can become accessible as an official prescription medication or supplement.

The non-psychoactive compound in using CBD oils for anxiety may offer relief to those with anxiety depression. It has been proven effective for treating social anxiety disorder (SAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CBD might also help people who have insomnia due to their anxious feelings catch more restful sleep, as well.

CBD oil has been shown to lead to an overall decrease in anxiety disorders among patients with SAD. A 2011 study conducted had participants take either 400 mg of CBD or a placebo for three weeks and found that those who took CBD showed greater reductions in their anxiety levels than those given a placebo.

Possible Side Effects and Contraindications

CBD oils have been gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry as of late. However, it’s important to remember that CBD also comes with some risks. For example, while most individuals tolerate CBD oils well, side effects can include dry mouth or diarrhea-though these are generally mild enough for many people not to be bothered by them.

Furthermore, due to its interaction with other medications you might currently take (such as blood thinners), one should always consult a physician before taking this supplement without consulting their doctor first beforehand-or risk facing an unfavorable reaction!

The CBD oil phenomenon is sweeping the nation, and engaging in its benefits comes with a slew of side effects. Although rare, people have experienced symptoms such as anxiety disorders, dizziness, dry mouth, or diarrhea while taking this substance.

Is CBD Legal to Treat Anxiety?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD for treating anxiety disorders or other mental health conditions. The FDA has no current strict standards as to what people should look out for when purchasing a product, so it is up to their best judgment.

Final Thoughts: Should You Use CBD for Anxiety?

The benefits of CBD oil for anxiety are wide-ranging. Using CBD oil may not be a cure-all for anxiety or depression, but it is worth trying. Research before buying. You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. CBD oils are a great natural remedy for anxiety and depression.

Still, you need to make sure that you are purchasing quality products made from high-quality and medically reviewed hemp sources and CBD brands. The five brands we’ve reviewed above have been known to provide their customers with excellent customer service along with top-of-the-line products.

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